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Faculties - Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Founded in 1961, the FLUP is an institution of international reference in teaching and research in the Humanities.

After a first (and short) existence in the beginning of the 20th century, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities was closed by the political power in 1928 and (re)established in 1961, to ensure humanistic education in the city.

With around 4,000 students, FLUP currently offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees, masters degrees, and doctorates, framed in the following main subject areas: Archaeology, Communication and Information Sciences, Language Sciences, Romance and Classical Studies, English and English-speaking Studies, German and German-speaking Studies, Philosophy, Geography, History, History of Art, Museology and Sociology.

The Faculty's training offer also includes more specialized areas, such as International Relations, Translation, Portuguese as a Foreign Language, Comparative Literature, Didactics, African Studies, Heritage Studies, Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Planning, or Medieval Studies, as well as a wide range of Lifelong Learning courses open to the entire community.

FLUP is also an important center for scientific research, powered by the work of eight Research Units funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) in Portugal.

Throughout its existence, FLUP has functioned in several historical buildings of the U.Porto. In 1995, the current - and iconic - building of the Faculty was inaugurated in Polo III (Campo Alegre) of the University campus.

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Via Panorâmica, s/n
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