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Frequently Asked Questions - U.Porto Students

You have just entered in U.Porto and you feel "lost"? Do you want to do a mobility period abroad and you don't know how? You are finishing the course and don't know what is waiting for you out there? In this area, we give you the answers you need. We hope to help you!

Hello, welcome to the University of Porto! If you have just come to us, you are starting your adventure at the favourite university for applicants to Higher Education in Portugal and one of the best in Europe. When you enter the University of Porto, you are one of the privileged people who, every year, come to our faculties in the expectation of obtaining the best training in the different cycles of education and areas of knowledge. In addition to high-quality teaching, enhanced by a campus that extends throughout the city and beyond, the U.Porto offers you a set of services and tools that will facilitate your rapid integration into university life. Don't forget to participate in the welcoming activities promoted by the University and by your school.

To find out more, consult the U.Porto Student Guide at any time. Good luck!

The academic year at the U.Porto normally starts in mid-September and closes at the end of September of the following year. You can find all the most important dates of the current academic year in the U.Porto school calendar. For more specific information, check the calendar of your faculty.

You can clarify any doubts related to your academic career with the academic services of your faculty. For more general information, you can also contact the Academic Training and Organisation Service (FOA), located at the Rectory.

Academic Training and Organisation Service (FOA)

Rectory of the University of Porto
Gomes Teixeira Square
4099-002 Porto, Portugal

Tel.: (+351) 220 408 198
E-mail: [email protected]

ECTS credits are a kind of 'value' of each course unit. Each year there is a minimum and maximum number of credits you can be enrolled in. In your course, you will have course units worth more credits than others and this will have an influence on the final average at the end of the study cycle.

Besides allowing you to assess the amount of work you have done in a course unit, this system also makes it easier to have your academic record recognised in Portugal and in the rest of Europe!

At the U.Porto, one ECTS credit corresponds to 27 hours of student work (lessons, tutorial sessions, work placements, assignments, etc.). Find out the meaning of this and other terms that may be useful to you in the U.Porto Academic Glossary.

The Social Action Services of the U.Porto (SASUP) annually award thousands of scholarships to University students who prove to be economically needy. In parallel, U.Porto awards merit grants to students with the best academic results.

For more information, contact the SASUP or the student support services of your faculty.

Yes, if you are far from home, the U.Porto campus has nine university residences at your disposal, with a capacity to accommodate around 1,200 undergraduate, master's or integrated master's degree students. In the selection process preference is given to students with scholarships from the Social Services of the U.Porto (SASUP).

For more information about accommodation at U.Porto, contact SASUP or the student support services of your faculty.

As a student at the U.Porto, you have access to a wide range of study support structures. Explore the knowledge scattered throughout our library network; use and abuse the different work and study spaces scattered throughout the different faculties; and surf the Internet at high speed anywhere on campus... As far as we are concerned, there will be no shortage of conditions for you to succeed!

All you need is an adventurous spirit and take advantage of one of the national and international mobility opportunities that the U.Porto makes available to the academic community. Get to know Europe, discover Asia, head to South America, among many other destinations covered by the different international cooperation programmes and protocols in which the University participates. For our students, the world has no frontiers!

For more information about mobility opportunities OUT, you should contact the U.Porto International Relations Office, a structure located at the Rectory that will support you, not only in the application process, but also during the mobility experience itself.

International Cooperation Service of the U.Porto (SRI)

Rectory of the U.Porto
Praça de Gomes Teixeira
4099-002 Porto

Tel.: (+351) 220 408 041
E-mail: [email protected]

Opening hours: by appointment

Yes, and you don't need to want to pursue a scientific career to do so. As a Research University, U.Porto gives you the chance to explore the universe of research from undergraduate to postgraduate level. This is done through a teaching highly focused on experimentation and the production of knowledge, often in conjunction with the most prestigious Portuguese research centres.

Every year, you also have the opportunity to show your work at the annual IJUP meeting, an event specially geared towards revealing and promoting the University's new scientific talents.

Do you want to eat well and cheaply? Do you have a short lunch break and would like a quick meal? Thinking about these and other scenarios, the University has a wide network of canteens, restaurants, snack bars and grill - managed by the Social Services of the U.Porto (SASUP) - that allows you to enjoy quality meals at affordable prices in any of the University's campuses.

Yes, from swimming to tennis, including a diversified fitness programme, in the pool or in modern pavilions, and always with the support of qualified technicians, the University challenges you to keep fit through a wide range of activities and sports facilities open to the entire academic community.

Besides, it is not by chance that U.Porto currently dominates the panorama of university sports in Portugal. If you want to join our teams, or simply practice sport in an uncompromising way, take advantage of it!

For more information about the sports offered by the University, contact the U.Porto Sports Centre (CDUP-UP).

Yes, just show up to the training sessions of the more than 40 sports promoted by the Sports Centre of the University of Porto. If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to defend the colours of the University of Porto in the National University Championships (CNU's) and in other national and international competitions, benefiting from the Student-Athlete Statute.

If you are interested, send an e-mail to [email protected].

Yes. As a student at the University of Porto, you have access to several medical support services (most of which are totally free!) in the areas of General Practice, Gynaecology/Obstetrics, Psychiatry and Psychology, among other specialties. The Faculty of Dental Medicine (FMDUP) also offers dental appointments at special prices for students.

For more information (schedules, bookings, prices, etc.), contact the Health Unit of the Social Services of the U.Porto (SASUP).

Wrong question! The question you should ask yourself is: What can't you do? Integrated in a city with an intense academic life, U.Porto guarantees the best student experience inside and outside the classroom. Play sports with the best university athletes in the country, join the Orfeão or the Teatro Universitário groups or other cultural groups that exist in your faculty, or follow the example of the more than 1000 students who participate in the voluntary actions promoted or sponsored by the University.

Don't forget to visit our museums and to walk along Porto's brand new Cultural Corridor. As far as we are concerned, you will have plenty of opportunities to experience the University in a full and unforgettable way!

Yes, from our school buildings and research centres to our libraries, including online resources available in multiple formats, the U.Porto is proud to be an inclusive and accessible university for all students.

The Support Service for Students with Disabilities (SAED) is the body responsible for providing technical-pedagogical support to our students with disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Locally, this service can be provided by the student support services based in each school of the University.

The U.Porto Card is your "academic ID"! With it, you can access several features only within the reach of our academic community, but also several discounts on services provided by U.Porto's partner entities!

The Student Ombudsman of the U.Porto is a figure whose mission is to promote dialogue between students and teachers, employees and management bodies of the University. Do you have a problem or complaint that you can't solve at your faculty? Then schedule your visit.

The hardest part is done. Now that you have your University of Porto diploma, we want to help you quickly make your skills available to the community. To do this, you can count on the support of the employability support services that exist in our faculties. Don't forget to visit the U.Porto Employment Portal, where you can register your CV and access job offers from partner entities. If you have finished a 1st cycle degree or an Integrated Master's Degree, we challenge you to continue your studies in one of our post-graduate courses.

YES! According to the latest studies carried out by the Employment Observatory of the U.Porto, the employability rate of graduates who completed their degree at the University more than five years ago is over 80%, more than half the national average. Among these, more than 50% have never been unemployed and about half of them found a job in the first three months after graduating! So that you don't miss the best opportunities, the University has several employment support structures that are responsible for supporting the process of insertion of our final-year and graduate students into the labour market.

Yes. At U.Porto, we are not satisfied with training good professionals. We want our students to be leaders in their area and people who make a difference. Therefore, we encourage you to explore your talents and put them at the service of the community in the form of an innovative idea.

That is why the U.Porto has been investing in encouraging young entrepreneurship by supporting your own business initiatives. Discover the potential of UPTEC. Take part in iUP25k, our business ideas competition. RISK IT!

In order to keep up with U.Porto's daily life, we invite you to visit the different information supports of the University. Besides our website, don't forget to follow our news portal and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube!

Do you have other questions?

Send us your questions to the e-mail address [email protected]. We will reply as soon as possible.