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Learning Support - Study Spaces

Do you study better in a classroom? Or do you need a kitchen? Some people prefer the garden. We know that not everyone has a room all to themselves. So, besides the conventional ones, there are more spaces at U.Porto for you.

In addition to its libraries, U.Porto has many spaces that are either entirely or partially designed for studying.

These spaces include classrooms, from the smallest to the largest auditoriums, as well as others specially designed for more practical teaching, specific to each faculty. Examples? The experimental "Kitchen" of the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences, the Clinic of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, the Anatomical Theatre of the Faculty of Medicine, or the studios and workshops of the Faculties of Architecture and Fine Arts. Our future doctors also have privileged access to the two largest hospitals in the city!

On the U.Porto campus, you will also find laboratories, computer rooms, meeting or study spaces, among other teaching, study and research support equipment. Some of these spaces are managed by the Student Associations.

The University's gardens also have inviting areas for those in search of peaceful study sessions. Between the iconic gardens of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the generous green spaces of the Faculties of Science, Architecture, Engineering and the Arts and Humanities, not to mention the Porto Botanical Garden, there is no shortage of inspiring places in which to study.

What about studying / working / socialising with your classmates off-campus, but with an internet connection and access to computers and work desks? Sounds great, doesn’t it? That’s what you’ll get with U.Porto’s Asprela and Botânico E-learning Cafés, open to the entire student body.

For those who would prefer to study from the comfort of their own bedrooms, the University of Porto also offers...