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Research Support - Support Services

U.Porto’s R&D+i activities mobilise various structures that provide support services to the academic community.

Introduction to the Support Services

There are several research support structures available at U.Porto to help the entire research ecosystem during the different stages of the scientific process with highly specialised staff dedicated to research, innovation, projects and funding. Their main tasks are listed below.

  • Characterise, follow and monitor activities in U.Porto's R&D+i ecosystem
  • Monitor scientific production
  • Identify opportunities and provide technical support relative to competitive funding applications
  • Supervise financial execution and report funded projects
  • Valorise and transfer research results
  • Carry out mobility actions
  • Provide tools or resources that support research activities
  • Provide assistance in issues related to personal data protection

Research and Projects Service (SIP)

Research and Projects Office

The Research and Projects Office (SIP) is the central support structure of U.Porto's R&D activities.

It is responsible for supporting the University’s research policy and strategy, promoting the internal and interinstitutional relationship, and obtaining funding for R&D projects at U.Porto.

Consisting of the Research Support and Project Support Units, SIP constantly cooperates and operates in synergy with U.Porto’s research ecosystem in order to support and promote R&D+i at the University.

Management of Funded Projects

Funded Projects Management Unit

The Funded Projects Management Unit under Shared Services supports lecturers and researchers in administrative, economic and financial management of R&D+i projects in which U.Porto is a coordinator or partner.

U.Porto Innovation

U.Porto Innovation

U.Porto Innovation is the central structure geared to support the University’s innovation value chain, promoting the transfer of knowledge, and strengthening the connection between the institution and businesses.

This means that U.Porto Innovation focuses on the promotion and development of research undertaken at the University, the entrepreneurship of the academic community, and the growing interface with businesses.

International Relations Office

International Relations Office

The International Relations Office is tasked with centrally supporting U.Porto’s internationalisation strategy.

In particular, the IRO promotes cooperation between U.Porto and national and foreign higher education institutions, supporting student, lecturer, researcher and staff mobility, drives the University’s participation in international education and training programmes and projects (in particular under the Erasmus+ Programme), and boosts the international promotion of the institution and the training and education it offers through events and other initiatives.

Data Protection Unit

Data Protection Unit

The Data Protection Unit is responsible for ensuring that U.Porto operates in compliance with personal data protection legislation, which includes data provided in the context of research work.

To this end, the DPU provides support to the academic community regarding data protection, including meeting the main best practice standards in the management of data provided to U.Porto’s community and advising, supporting and providing documents that ensure that members of the U.Porto community comply with the applicable legislation.

University of Porto Digital


The University of Porto Digital operational centre is responsible for the conception, provision and management of technology infrastructures, IT systems and information and communication technologies and services at U.Porto.

Together with the Documentation and Information Management Unit, these services provide the University’s research activities with various technological infrastructures and support tools and resources.


These central structures work closely together and coordinate with the U.Porto faculties’ local support services and offices. This network ensures optimal conditions to support U.Porto’s entire research community as closely and efficiently as possible, maximising the potential of the ecosystem’s R&D+i activities.