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Student Life - Cultural Groups

From music to theatre, cinema to the arts and literature, the University of Porto offers you the chance to express your talent and enterprising spirit.

Are you more interested in music?

There are many cultural groups connected to the University, including the Porto University Choral Society - Orfeão Universitário do Porto (OUP), established over a century ago, whose musical groups (Fados Group, dance and folk groups, the OUP Female Musical Group, the University Musical Group of Porto, and more) participate in festivals and performances throughout the year.

You can also join musical groups (tunas) and choirs belonging to the University’s faculties, or the U.Porto Ethnography and Folklore Club (NEFUP), a cultural association dedicated to the study and dissemination of Portuguese folklore.

Do you prefer theatre?

For students interested in theatre, there is the historic Porto University Theatre Group - Teatro Universitário do Porto (TUP). Founded in 1948, it is Porto’s oldest independent theatre group, focusing mostly on staging plays from little-known names in Portugal as well as hosting frequent courses and workshops on theatre.

Some of U.Porto’s faculties also have their own theatre groups.

For all interests...

Most U.Porto faculties have student groups and clubs for activities such as model building, diving, photography, cinema, IT, debating, mountaineering, martial arts, and more.

Don’t forget to participate in events (exhibitions, seminars, film screenings, etc.) promoted by Student Associations.

A city that exudes culture!

As a U.Porto student, you can also enjoy our museums and cultural spaces, which often hold exhibitions, conferences, concerts, performances and workshops that are guaranteed to provide you with an enriching experience, both on and off campus.

Don’t forget to visit the Casa Comum gallery at the Rectory building, where you can participate – as an audience member or in a leading role! – in the frequent activities open to the academic community and the general public.

The U.Porto Card ensures that our students (especially international ones) benefit from special conditions for access to different events and cultural venues around the city, including those managed by the Porto City Hall, as well as to cultural activities organised in partnership with the University.