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Student Life - Cultural Groups

From music to theatre, cinema, and not forgetting literature and the arts, the University of Porto gives you the opportunity to express your talent and spirit of initiative in the most diverse forms.

Are you more into music?

Among the cultural academic bodies that act within the orbit of the University, the centenary Orfeão Universitário do Porto (OUP) stands out, whose musical groups (Grupo de Fados, dance and folklore groups, Tuna Feminina do Orfeão, Tuna Universitária do Porto, among others) participate in festivals and shows all over the world.

Also in the field of music, you can participate in the music groups and choirs of the various faculties of the University, or join the Núcleo de Etnografia e Folclore da U.Porto (NEFUP), a cultural association dedicated to the collection, study and dissemination of Portuguese folklore.

Do you prefer Theatre?

For students interested in theatre, the option may be the historical Teatro Universitário do Porto (TUP). Founded in 1948, the oldest independent theatre group in Porto, it focuses mainly on staging dramatic texts by authors who had never been seen before in Portugal, as well as holding regular theatre courses and workshops.

Some faculties of the U.Porto also have their own theatre groups.

For all tastes...

In most of the faculties of the University of Porto there are also groups and nucleus of students that are dedicated to promote activities such as modelling, diving, photography, cinema, computer science, university debate, mountaineering, martial arts, etc.

Don't forget to participate in the events (exhibitions, lectures, cinema cycles, etc.) promoted by the Student Associations.

A city where culture is breathed!

As a student at the U.Porto, you can enjoy our museums and cultural spaces, enriched by a regular agenda of exhibitions, conferences, concerts, performances or workshops that will enrich your experience both on and off campus.

Don't forget to visit Casa Comum (Rectory), where you can participate - in public or as a protagonist! - in a regular programme of activities, open to the academic community and the general public.

Through the U.Porto Card, our students - namely international students - are also guaranteed access, under special conditions, to different events and cultural facilities in the city (such as those run by the Porto City Council), as well as to a set of cultural activities organised in partnership with the U.Porto.