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What's on At U.Porto? - Follow U.Porto

U.Porto is constantly in contact with its community through a set of platforms which inform the public about the most important events happening at the University.

Notícias U.Porto, our official news portal, provides information about current events at the faculties, research centres and other University institutions.

On our official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube pages, you can learn more about our daily life. Most schools, research centres and other U.Porto institutions also have their own social media pages.

Another way to follow the best Portuguese university is through the Campus U.Porto magazine, dedicated to the academic community but also to the general public. In this magazine, you will find articles on current topics regarding the University, as well as interviews with former students and other U.Porto members.

In addition to official communication channels, U.Porto reaches others through media developed by our students. For example, JPN – JornalismoPortoNet (an online newspaper by the Communication Sciences Course), Engenharia Rádio (ER), the only University Radio in Porto, or the Jornal Universitário do Porto (JUP – Porto University Newspaper), specialised in topics related to Higher Education and Academia in Porto.


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