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Volunteer Work - Doing volunteer work

To volunteer is to make a difference. Through U.Porto's programmes, you can have a real impact on society, while enriching your personal and professional perspective.

In articulation with entities dedicated to humanitarian aid, the U.Porto supports and promotes various volunteering activities aimed at the entire academic community.

From Student Volunteering (focused on combating school dropout and failure among students from schools in Greater Porto), to the activities integrated within the scope of the U.Porto Museums, including Volunteering in the Cultural Activities Area, the University offers volunteering opportunities to all those interested, in conjunction with other entities directly involved in the exercise of solidarity and citizenship.

Former students (alumni), teaching and non-teaching staff, retired or retired persons, can also get involved in multiple volunteering activities, whose articulation is the responsibility of the U.Porto Volunteering Commission.

Through the Volunteering Commission, the University provides support to social or age groups in need or in need, promoting academic success, culture, sports and, in general, the exercise of active and responsible citizenship.

What does being a volunteer at the U.Porto involve?

What does being a volunteer at the U.Porto involve?

Being a volunteer at the U.Porto implies, both for the host entities and for the volunteer, the assumption of a commitment in accordance with the principles pursued by the U.Porto.

This work, without monetary compensation, is duly recognised by the U.Porto, through a mention in the students' diploma supplement.


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