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Faculties - Faculty of Sciences

Founded in 1911, the Faculty of Sciences is one of the oldest schools of the University of Porto and one of its largest in terms of students and scientific productivity.

One of U.Porto’s largest and oldest faculties, FCUP provides education in the exact and natural sciences and their applications to technology, offering a wide range of undergraduate, integrated master's, master's and doctoral courses. Its teaching staff are members of renowned research units, guaranteeing a learning experience on par with top international courses.

For most of its existence, FCUP was housed in the University’s Historical Building, until 2007 when it was relocated to a modern complex located on Campus III (Campo Alegre). FCUP also offers courses in the agricultural sciences at its Vairão Agricultural Campus, in Vila do Conde.

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Rua Campo Alegre, s/n
4169-007 Porto, Portugal

Tel.: (+351) 220 402 000 (+ Contactos)