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About U.Porto - The Faculties

With distinct dimensions but united by the same quality standards, the 14 faculties of the U.Porto share a vision where teaching excellence goes hand in hand with the development of cutting-edge research, in permanent dialogue with the community.

Study medicine and pharmaceutical sciences with a view of the River Douro. Discover the different branches of engineering in one of the most modern teaching and research complexes in Portugal. Explore the potential of veterinary medicine and agriculture in contact with the countryside. Study architecture in one of the world's most prestigious schools of architecture. Or learning painting in an authentic open-air museum...

All this, and much more, is possible at the 14 faculties that make up the educational offer of the University of Porto in the areas of Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Exact Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Sport and Law.

The University campus consists of three centers scattered throughout the city of Porto: City Center (Polo 1), Asprela (Polo 2) and Campo Alegre (Polo 3). There is also a center located in Vairão (Vila do Conde).

In addition to the faculties spread across the different campus poles, there is also an internationally recognized business school - the Porto Business School.

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