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Lifelong Learning - Applications and Admissions

Lifelong Learning courses (non-degree awarding) at U.Porto are available to the general community. They were conceived with the same quality standards that define all other courses at the university.

The non-degree awarding list of courses includes postgraduate courses, continuing education units and courses, as well as free training.

Postgraduate training includes Specialisation courses (2nd cycle / Master's Degree) and Advanced Studies (3rd cycle / Doctorate).

Applications to Continuing Education Units or to Continuing Education Courses (with study plans which include several training units) may require meeting specific conditions in case they do not presuppose initial training at university level.

Free training (Free Training Courses or Free Training Units) does not require initial training at university level, nor higher education attendance conditions, so it is available to everyone. U.Porto also offers a Programme for University Studies for Seniors (PEUS), aimed at graduates over 55 years old.

U.Porto students or external applicants can attend single course units from study cycles in all training levels if they are interested in improving their knowledge in the study fields offered by the University.

Qualifications and application requirements for single course units are specified in the Regulamento de Frequência de Unidades Curriculares Singulares dos Cursos e Ciclos de Estudos da U.Porto (Regulation on the Attendance of Single Course Units of U.Porto Courses and Study Cycles).


Application requirements (application and ranking criteria, necessary documents, deadlines, available vacancies, etc.) for training programmes at U.Porto in the field of Continuing Education are established by the faculty in charge.

In the case of single course units, the application should be submitted at the U.Porto faculty that the student wishes to attend. External applicants, those who are not currently attending a course at U.Porto, should submit a document proving the qualifications they hold.

Access to U.Porto's 3rd cycle (Doctoral Programme) single course units is dependent on the conditions defined by their directors. Therefore, please consult the information provided by the different faculties.

Tuition Fees and Rates

The tuition fee (and the respective payment modalities) of Continuing Education courses at U.Porto is defined and approved annually by each faculty, considering the educational or professional relevance and its financial sustainability.

Additional information

Additional information

The information provided on this page does not replace getting in touch directly with the academic services of the faculty you wish to apply to.

For general questions, please contact the Training and Academic Organisation Office (FOA), based in the Rectory of U.Porto.


Training and Academic Organisation Office

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