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Entrepreneurship - Supporting Entrepreneurship

Since the turn of the century, U.Porto has focused on the creation of skills, infrastructure and services capable of harnessing the entrepreneurial potential within the community.

Supporting Entrepreneurship

Aside from the entrepreneurial and innovation support offices, the University of Porto has undertaken many initiatives in support of entrepreneurship across its campuses, including training and educational activities related to entrepreneurship, competitions, workshops, academia-industry networks, and conferences.

For us, entrepreneurship is not just a concept. On the contrary, it's our way of life. This is best demonstrated by the hundreds of entrepreneurs working at the Science and Technology Park of U.Porto (UPTEC), where they have access to structures and specialised services developed to respond to the typical needs related to launching business activities, taking advantage of the direct access to the talent and knowledge “made in U.Porto”.

At U.Porto, we believe in the potential of our academic and scientific community. We strive to harness this potential by applying the resulting projects to marketable products or the creation of competitive spin-offs. One of several units and organisations that work in this area, U.Porto Innovation offers different support services for technology transfer and the economic and social valorisation of knowledge generated at the University.

A living concept at the heart of U.Porto, entrepreneurship is supported through various activities, facilities and events, which come together to stimulate the entrepreneurial capacity of the University and the community in general. This ensures that the University plays an active role in building a society based on knowledge and in the promotion of sustainable models of economic development. This is how we support a spirit of entrepreneurship:

To learn more about the ecosystem in support of entrepreneurship at the University of Porto, visit the U.Porto Innovation website.

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