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About U.Porto - Mission and Values

U.Porto's mission is to produce scientific, cultural and artistic knowledge, offer higher education firmly rooted in research, invest in the social and economic valorisation of knowledge and actively participate in the progress of the communities to which the university belongs. Learn more about our values and duties.

The University of Porto is a public foundation regulated by private law and with statutory, educational, scientific, cultural, administrative, financial, patrimonial and disciplinary autonomy.

U.Porto can undertake activities with other national or international entities (public, private or cooperative).

The University of Porto can create or participate in associations or societies, for-profit or non-profit, as long as the activities are compatible with its mission.

Mission and Values of the University of Porto

Values of the University of Porto

  1. Provide conditions to exercise the freedom of scientific, cultural, artistic and technological creation.
  2. Ensure plurality and free expression of orientations and opinions and promote the participation of all university entities in shared academic life.
  3. High ethical standards must guide the actions of the University and its community.
  4. Cultivate rigour, transparency and quality, with particular emphasis on recognising merit.
  5. Ensure equal access and treatment, irrespective of gender and social, political, ethnic or religious differences.
  6. Eliminate all internal factors that may present disadvantages to citizens with a disability.
  7. Care about the personal fulfilment of everyone who belongs to the University.
  8. Promote innovation while fostering an environment that stimulates creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset.
  9. Fight for sustainable environmental, economic and social development.

Duties of the University of Porto

  • Training in the broader sense - cultural, scientific, technical, artistic, civic and ethical - in the framework of diverse teaching and learning processes, aiming for the development of specific and transferable skills and abilities, and the dissemination of knowledge.
  • Scientific research and cultural and artistic cretion involving the discovery, acquisition and development of knowledge and practices at an advanced level.
  • Valorisation of knowledge and its transfer to economic and social agents as a driver of innovation and change.
  • To encourage observation, objective analysis, critical judgement and an attitude that questions and assesses scientific, cultural, artistic and social activity.
  • Conservation and dissemination of scientific, cultural and artistic heritage to be used creatively by experts and the general public.
  • Cooperation with several institutions, groups and other agents from a perspective of mutual valorisation, namely through applied research and by providing services to the community.
  • Cultural, scientific, artistic and technical exchange with national and foreign institutions.
  • To contribute to international cooperation and bring people closer together in the field of its activity.

The University of Porto awards bachelor's and master's degrees, doctorates and habilitations, as well as other certificates and diplomas within the scope of its schools. It also grants equivalence and recognition of academic degrees and qualifications according to law.

The University of Porto awards an honorary doctorate according to the applicable legislation and internal statutes.