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Research Ecosystem - R&D Units

The U.Porto R&D ecosystem includes diverse and prestigious Research and Development Units in all major fields of knowledge.

Introduction to Research and Development Units

If education at U.Porto is defined by its diversity, openness and innovation, all of these characteristics are evident in the work produced by our 48 scientific units (R&D Units), some of which are among the most advanced and prestigious R&D units in Portugal, in different fields of knowledge.

List of Research and Development Units

R&D Units

Varying in scale, purpose and organisational framework, U.Porto’s R&D Units are predominantly integrated into the University’s faculties and associated research institutes in which various public and private entities are also involved, thus promoting the link between R&D activities and the community.

Our R&D units also excel in competitiveness and excellence. In the latest evaluation process finalised by the FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology (2017/18), 90% of the R&D Units in the U.Porto ecosystem were evaluated as Excellent or Very Good.

With a total of around 3,000 integrated doctoral graduates (2019-2021), these Units play a fundamental role in the advancement of education, training and scientific activity, including scientific production and development of R&D projects, which include everything from doctoral students to doctoral researchers.

There are R&D Units who own their infrastructures and facilities and provide services outside of the academic community.

Learn about our R&D Units

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