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Research Ecosystem - R&D Units

The R&D ecosystem at the University of Porto mobilises several Research and Development Units in all major areas of knowledge.

Introduction to Research and Development Units

If education at U.Porto is defined by its diversity, openness and innovation, all of these characteristics are evident in the work produced by our 48 research units, some of which are among the most advanced and prestigious of R&D units in Portugal, in different fields of knowledge.

With variable sizes, purposes and organisational structures, the R&D Units at the U.Porto are mostly integrated in our faculties, as well as in associated research institutes, in which, in addition to the University, various public and private entities participate, which favours the connection of R&D activities to the community. Frequently, the R&D Units bring together elements from multiple Portuguese higher education institutions, and other entities from the national scientific and technological system.

The ecosystem is made up of 48 R&D Units, which have around 3,000 integrated doctorate holders (2019-2021) and are distinguished by their competitiveness and excellence. Each R&D Unit is made up of teams of researchers, equipment and technical infrastructures. These Units form the basis of the U.Porto ecosystem, playing a fundamental role in terms of education and advanced training and scientific activity, including scientific production and development of R&D projects, in which they integrate from doctoral students to doctoral researchers. The vast majority of the R&D Units own and make available their own infrastructures and facilities, providing services to the outside world.

List of Research and Development Units

R&D Units

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