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What's on At U.Porto? - Cultural events

U.Porto promotes and hosts, throughout the year, a wide range of exhibitions, conferences, concerts, performances, among other initiatives open to all trends and all audiences.

U.Porto is a vibrant space where the talent and ideas of our students, teachers and researchers work together to enrich the life of the community, both on and off campus.

To inspire this creative spirit, the University offers a regular programme of exhibitions, conferences, concerts, performances or workshops, among other cultural events produced in its own name or in partnership with the city's cultural agents and open to all trends and all audiences.

At central level, a large part of these events take place at Casa Comum, a space inaugurated in April 2019 and which is increasingly establishing itself as a cultural space of reference in the city.

In parallel, our faculties and research units run their own cultural programmes that are also open to the community. The same happens with the events co-organised in partnership with leading institutions in the city, such as Casa da Música, Fundação de Serralves, Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis or Porto City Hall.

The University's agenda would not, however, be complete without the contribution of the many organisations led by students and former students. Included here are the presentations of the centenary Orfeão Universitário do Porto and Teatro Universitário do Porto, but also the work of student associations and other academic and cultural groups that operate in areas as diverse as theatre, music, dance or cinema.