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Frequently Asked Questions - Alumni

Have you recently finished a degree at U.Porto? Did you graduate several years ago but would like to keep in touch with your alma mater? Here you will find the answers you need about the tools and services that the U.Porto makes available to its Alumni network. Welcome back home!

Having a degree from the University of Porto represents much more than a framed piece of paper on the wall. As part of our history, the Former Students (Alumni) of the U.Porto are also ambassadors of the University in the world. From the recently graduated student, who is looking for his place in the labour market, to the older generations, whose example we want to enhance for new generations, all alumni are invited to be part of the institution's life. Come and (re)discover it with us!

CONGRATULATIONS! Now that you have your diploma, we want to help you put your skills to work in the community quickly. For that, you can count on the support of our employability support services. You can also visit the Talent and Career Portal of the University of Porto, where you can insert your CV and access job offers from partner organisations of the University. If you have finished a 1st cycle degree or an Integrated Master's Degree, we challenge you to continue your studies in one of U.Porto's post-graduate courses or to enrich your knowledge in our Continuous Education programmes.

No doubt about it. According to the latest studies carried out by the Employment Observatory of the U.Porto, the employability rate of graduates who completed their degree at the University more than five years ago is higher than 80%, more than half of the national average. Among these, most have never been unemployed and more than half found a job in the first three months after graduating!

Yes, so that you do not miss the best opportunities, U.Porto has several employment support structures prepared to support the process of professional insertion of its recent graduates. Assuming its role as a bridge to the labour market, the University and its schools also monitor the professional progression of graduates by promoting employment/training/research opportunities, by providing career management services or by carrying out employability surveys promoted by the U.Porto Employment Observatory.

Yes. At U.Porto, we are not content with training good professionals. We want our graduates to be leaders in their fields. Therefore, we encourage them to explore their talents and put them at the service of the community in the form of innovative ideas. That is why U.Porto has been investing in young entrepreneurship, supporting students and alumni in creating their business initiatives. Discover the potential of the U.Porto Science and Technology Park (UPTEC), where you will find specialised support to create and build a successful business. RISK IT!

The first thing to do will be to register in the U.Porto Alumni database. By joining the more than 90 thousand graduates that make up the University's Alumni network, you will immediately receive regular information about the University, in addition to having access to other initiatives primarily geared towards the Alumni community.

The connection between the University and its network of former students is ensured, at a global level, by the ALUMNI U.Porto Office. This body is responsible for keeping the former students informed about the University's activities, divulging the benefits that the U.Porto offers them, monitoring their professional career, among other initiatives.

Locally, several U.Porto schools (e.g. FCUP, FEP, FEUP, among others) provide services especially dedicated to their alumni. Contact us!

Gabinete Alumni e Financiamento Complementar

Círculo Universitário
Rua do Campo Alegre, 877
4180 Porto, Portugal

Tel.: (+351) 220 408 093
E-mail: [email protected]

Yes. To access the University services open to our former students, you should request a statement from the ALUMNI U.Porto Office. To do so, simply send an e-mail to [email protected], indicating your full name and identification number (ID or Citizen's Card).

Members by right of the U.Porto community, Alumni, have at their disposal a package of services and initiatives provided by the University and partner institutions. These benefits include access, under privileged conditions, to the University's libraries, food units and museums, to our Employment Exchange and to U.Porto Inovação services.

Each U.Porto alumnus/alumna also benefits from special discounts in the access to our Continuing Education courses, our sports and cultural activities, and exclusive advantages in the access to services promoted by the University's partner institutions.

Always! If you have completed a 1st cycle degree at the University of Porto, you can come back to enrich your CV in one of the post-graduate, master and doctorate courses the University offers.

If you want a shorter course but with the same quality, just take advantage of one of the more than 300 Continuing Education programmes that the University of Porto offers every year for people aged 8 to 80.

Do you want to learn Arabic or Japanese? And what about testing your skills as a top manager in one of the most prestigious MBAs in the world? And why not embrace the challenge of the University Studies Programme for Seniors, aimed at graduates over 55 years old? The hard part is choosing!

Yes. Committed to the development of the community that surrounds it, the University of Porto maintains a close relationship with national and international business, seeking to involve a growing universe of organizations - many of which are led by our Alumni - in its teaching, research, development and innovation (R&D+i) activities.

Learn more about how to establish collaboration platforms with the University of Porto.

Yes, the University and its schools regularly sponsor the reunion of our former students by organising events that bring together the various generations of graduates spread around the world. These are moments of conviviality, ideal for remembering the "good old days", but they also serve to establish professional contacts and make known the careers of our graduates.

Besides these face-to-face meetings, you can connect and exchange experiences with thousands of other U.Porto alumni through the University's presence on LinkedIn.

For more information, contact the ALUMNI U.Porto Office.

As ambassadors of U.Porto, our Alumni personalize the best business card of the University around the world. In many cases, this emotional connection is translated into participation in academic events (University Day, Reception of New Students, etc.), where Alumni are invited to give their testimonials; in the collaboration in networking and mentoring actions aimed at finalists and recent graduates; among other initiatives.

CAMPUS U.Porto magazine also pays special attention to the careers of former students, disseminating them throughout the community. If you are a former student of the U.Porto, be sure to share your memories, your opinions and your professional achievements with us. Because our history is your history...

Our Alumni are always welcome to come "home", either to participate actively in our activities related to teaching and research, or to be present at the University's annual events, or at the different cultural, social and sports initiatives that take place regularly in the campus spaces.

The U.Porto also challenges its alumni to intervene in the community through Volunteer actions organized by the University and/or its schools, student associations and other associative structures generated within the academic community.

You can start by choosing one of the initiatives that, throughout the year, open the doors of the University's schools and research centres to thousands of primary and secondary school children and young people, with the aim of giving them a first contact with the university world.

Set aside one or more days in March to visit the annual University Exhibition. Enrol them in the Junior University (U.Jr.) summer courses, the largest national programme to introduce them to the university environment. Bring them to our schools' open days. And, if necessary, invite the University to visit your children's / relatives' school.

In between these activities, be sure to discover the historical buildings of the University; unveil the treasures kept in our museums; venture into the emblematic Porto's Botanical Garden; explore the far reaches of space in the Planetarium; or take a souvenir from the U.Porto Store, entitled to an exclusive discount!

Alumni have the possibility to contribute to the development of the University through scientific sponsorship activities and donations (fundraising) that will be later applied in the development of the institution's teaching and scientific research activities.

By becoming a patron of the U.Porto or one of its schools, you are not only contributing to the strengthening of the University's quality. You are also expressing your pride in having been one of our students. For more information, you can contact the ALUMNI U.Porto Office or the Alumni services of your faculty.

Seeking to strengthen the relationship with its former students, the U.Porto has several informative support especially aimed at its Alumni community. Among these, the CAMPUS U.Porto magazine stands out, a periodic publication where you can find interviews, news, reports and articles focused on the University. Every week, the members of the Alumni Network also receive by e-mail a newsletter with the most important things happening at the University. Locally, the different faculties of the U.Porto promote other means of communication with their former students.

To follow the U.Porto's daily life, we invite you to visit our news portal and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

Do you have any other questions/suggestions?

Please send your contributions to [email protected]. We will reply as soon as possible.