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U.Porto in the World - Partnerships

U.Porto's national and international partnerships promote innovation and the production and sharing of knowledge and create unique opportunities for academic exchange.

International mobility enhances human and academic valorisation by establishing contact with other educational, scientific, professional and cultural realities.

Education without borders and mobility opportunities are open to the entire U.Porto community: students, researchers, teaching and non-teaching staff.

Below are some of the international interuniversity networks and cooperation groups to which U.Porto belongs:

  • EUGLOH – European University Alliance for Global Health
  • ASEA-UNINET – ASEAN European Academic University Network
  • AULP – Associação das Universidades de Língua Portuguesa [Association of Portuguese-speaking Universities]
  • CEER – Centro de Estudos Euro Regionais [Euroregional Study Centre]
  • EAIE – European Association for International Education
  • ENAS – European Network of Academic Sport Services
  • EUA – European University Association
  • – European Children's Universities Network
  • EURAS – Eurasian Universities Union
  • EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion
  • FORGES – Fórum da Gestão do Ensino Superior nos Países e Regiões de Língua Portuguesa [Forum for the Management of Higher Education in Portuguese-speaking Countries and Regions]
  • GTordesillas – Grupo Tordesilhas de Universidades [Tordesilhas University Group]
  • IAU – International Association of Universities
  • LEO-NET – Leveraging Education into Organisations
  • Santander Group – Grupo Santander de Universidades [Santander Universities Group]

For more information, contact the International Relations Office


Serviço de Relações Internacionais

Reitoria da Universidade do Porto
Praça de Gomes Teixeira, s/n
4099-002 Porto, Portugal 

Tel.: (+351) 220 408 041
E-mail: [email protected]

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