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Learning Support - Libraries

At U.Porto, there are 18 libraries available to you with more than 800 thousand publications in our catalogue. Gain free and unrestricted access to repositories, libraries and national and international archives.

Whenever our students, teachers and researchers need a specific information to complete their study or to enrich their research, they are most likely to find it in the vast network of libraries spread throughout the U.Porto campus.

Covering all the areas of knowledge taught at the institution, the University's libraries are the ideal space for study, reflection and work. More than that, they are places of freedom and meeting places available to the entire academic community.

In addition to the physical collection housed by the University of Porto’s libraries, you can also access - through your own computer and free of charge - publications, studies and books included in the collections of other national or international libraries. This allows you to consult a wide range of academic and educational material, specialised journals, and reference works, as well as databases and even reference management software outside of the library’s opening hours.

Many faculties also have archive services and documentation centres open to all members of the academic community.

Students with a disability or condition can also access the Accessible Library for Higher Education (BAES), which has publications available in braille and audiobook format. These students can also access complete texts through the library.

To access the libraries, all you need is your U.Porto Card.

U.Porto Libraries