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What We Research - Scientific Infrastructures and Platforms

The scientific infrastructures and platforms of the U.Porto ecosystem provide the entire community with state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified professionals that support and promote excellence in the R&D activities of the ecosystem.

Scattered throughout the U.Porto R&D ecosystem, we find several scientific infrastructures and platforms that integrate highly specialised technical staff and state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructures that support and promote the highest standards of quality in the various activities and areas of R&D at the University.

The research ecosystem at the University of Porto participates in 24 infrastructures of the 56 recognised nationally (43%), which make up the National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Interest (RNIE). Some of these infrastructures are also part of the European Roadmap for Research Infrastructures.

Within the EUGLOH Alliance, there is a set of scientific platforms (Excellence Core Facilities) that enable researchers from partner universities to share access to the respective platforms and equipment.

Although particularly dedicated to serving the R&D community at U.Porto, these platforms are also open to the external community, such as the industrial sector, health services or companies, which can take advantage of the various services that the platforms provide, including physical-chemical analysis and chemical screening, pre-clinical and clinical research, cellular and in vivo imaging, instruments for collecting and analysing oceanographic data, physical analysis of materials by microscopy or spectrometry, among several other services.

Identified within the EUGLOH Alliance, these scientific platforms are part of the EUGLOHRIA Excellence Core Facilities: a network that allows researchers from the EUGLOH Alliance universities to access partners' platforms and equipment.

Scientific Platforms of the U.Porto
Genealogy Database

Description: Specialization in Humanities, namely in the study of Migrations, Population History, Health History, Climate Change, Maritime History, Fisheries, Traditional Farming and Cultural Heritage.

Keywords: Migrations, population history, health history, climate change, maritime history.

Equipment: Computers; internet access

Contacts: Maria Amorim - [email protected] - (+351) 22 607 7177

European and Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observatory - Portugal

Description: Expertise in environmental sciences, in particular ocean science and seafloor observations. EMSO-PT is a European Large Scale Research Infrastructure, composed of multidisciplinary underwater observatories and other supporting infrastructures for data processing, with the objective to provide scientific information in a continuous way, about marine environmental processes related to the interaction between the geosphere, the biosphere and the hydrosphere.

Keywords: Seafloor observations, ocean surface, underwater gliders, oceanographic data

Equipment: Generic EMSO instrument module for integration and generic use in Turtle underwater relocatable node, underwater glider network for oceanographic data collection

Contacts: Aníbal Matos - [email protected] - (+351) 22 508 3221

Hemodynamics Laboratory

Description: Expertise in the areas of infection, cardiovascular sciences and physicochemical analysis.

Keywords: coronary artery disease (CAD) prevention, CAD prediction, CAD progression analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Equipment: Fully equipped workstation with CFD and FSI software and licenses; PIV laser (Litron Lasers, LDY-300PIV); CMOS high-speed camera (Photron FASTCAM Mini UX100); Tensiometer (Biolin, Sigma 701); High-speed PIV camera (Dantec, Speedsense M); Extensive rheometer (Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ CaBER™); Rotational rheometer (Diener, Zepto B); Microscopes (Leica DMIL LED, Leica DMI 5000 M, Olympus IX83).

Contacts: João Moreira de Campos - [email protected] - (+351) 22 041 3633

Industry and Innovation Laboratory

Description: The iiLAB has expertise in the area of industry, innovation, production technologies, robotics, automation and smart manufacturing, with the aim of disseminating the state of the art in advanced production technologies through the demonstration of research results, experimentation and advanced training.

Key-words: Industry, innovation, production technologies, robotics, automation

Equipment: Cargo transporter for internal logistics, outdoor cargo transport, autonomous forklift, collaborative and adaptive manipulators, collaborative robotic line for packaging

Contacts: António Paulo Moreira - [email protected] - (+351) 22 041 3317

INESC TEC's Institutional and Research Data Repository

Description: Specialising in the area of Open Data, datasets and document repositories, INESC TEC's Institutional and Research Data Repository provides two data collections - the Documentary Repository and a Multimedia Repository. The Documentary Repository is composed by a wide variety of documents, organised in Communities and Collections: the former correspond to INESC TEC's organic entities and the latter comprehend the outputs of each community organised by types of documents. The Multimedia Repository contains all multimedia files produced by INESC TEC, ensuring open and free access to photographs and videos, whenever authorized by the authors.

Keywords: Documentary repository, open data, datasets

Equipment: DSpace Platform; CKAN Platform

Contacts: Soraia Ramos - [email protected] - (+351) 22 209 4091

Process Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology and Energy Laboratory

Description: With expertise in biotechnology, nanoscience, environmental science, chemistry and bioproduction, it aggregates several laboratories with expertise in these different areas (Energy LAB, Adsorption and Membrane Gas Separation LAB, Graphene-based biomaterials LAB, Biofilm Eng LAB, FISH LAB, Nanotechnologies LAB, Cristallization LAB, AIR Quality and Health LAB, TRACES LAB, Multifunctional reactors Lab).

Keywords: PSC&DSC solar cells, (photo) electrochemical water separation, CO2 electro-reduction, methane decomposition, fuel cells

Equipment: Atomic layer deposition; Sputtering (up to 30 cm2); Laser glass sealing technology; Inkjet printer; Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis; IPCE; Benchtop SEM; 10 electrochemical workstations; Test bench for all electrochemical processes; BET; Microbalance (200 bar and 200 ºC)

Contacts: Arminda Alves - [email protected] - (+351) 22 041 3633

Associate Laboratory in Separation and Reaction Engineering / Catalysis and Materials

Description: With global expertise in the areas of environmental sciences, chemistry and bio production, and resulting from a partnership between LSRE - Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering and LCM - Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials, it aims to promote the advancement of scientific and technological know-how in the areas of Chemical Engineering of Separation and Reaction Processes, Product Engineering, Catalysis and Carboniferous Materials, Thermodynamics and Environmental Engineering.

Keywords: Adsorption pressure variation, mobile bed simulation, parametric pumping, natural gas, biogas

Equipment: Rubotherm Microbalance, Batch Reactor, GC, HPLC, SC-HPLC, fixed bed units, PSA units, ESA unit, gas phase SMB, liquid phase SMB

Contacts: Madalena Dias - [email protected] - (+351) 22 041 3601

Machine Learning for Clinical Diagnosis / Optical and non-linear control systems for clinical decision support

Description: Specialization in informatics.

Keywords: Machine learning, optimized control, non-linear control

Equipment: Computational Infrastructure

Contacts: Fernando Pereira - [email protected] - (+351) 22 508 1857

Modular Platform for Research, Testing and Validation of Technologies supporting a Blue and Sustainable Economy

Description: With specialization in the area of marine robotics, telecommunication and ocean environments, TEC4Sea gathers a set of laboratories, testbeds, equipment and support facilities for experimentation in controlled and real environments.

Keywords: Marine rebotics tests, telecommunications, sensorial technologies, ocean environments

Equipment: Test tanks; anechoic chamber; acoustic equipment for underwater signal processing; optical and image sensors; testing of maritime wireless networks; robotic platforms capable of supporting different payloads, including buoys and air, surface and underwater vehicles; 19m vessel for scientific research

Contacts: Paulo Mónica Oliveira - [email protected] - (+351) 22 834 055

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Laboratory

Description: With specialization in the area of autonomous systems, robotic prototypes and underwater sensors, the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Laboratory has several equipments and top facilities in two distinct locations (ISEP and FEUP), such as a free indoor area for robot development and testing, a marine robotics test tank with, two teaching labs and classrooms that support educational activities, additional facilities to support research, and an additional test tank where underwater systems are tested.

Keywords: Autonomous systems, robotics prototypes, tissue development, R&D activities, underwater sensors

Equipment: 2 test tanks, large set of robotic platforms (underwater, surface, air and land), large industrial 3D printer

Contactos: ISEP: Eduardo Silva - [email protected]

FEUP: Aníbal Matos (FEUP) - [email protected] - (+351) 22 834 0554

Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles Laboratory

Description: The SGEVL has expertise in electronic vehicles, smart grids, electric mobility, energy storage and renewable production, and offers several services for the industry, R&D activities, or community in general, in addition to consulting services.

Keywords: Electric vehicles, smart grids, electric mobility, energy storage and renewable production

Equipment: Design and modelling of control systems, algorithms and electronics, general prototyping and power electronics and light mechanics, and performance and operation tests with electrical equipment and integrated/system tests

Contacts: Luís Miguel Miranda - [email protected] - (+351) 22 209 4000

Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy for Biomedicine

Description: Specialization in Ultrafast and Vibrational Laser Spectroscopy.

Keywords: Spectroscopy, laser, vibrational, ultrafast

Equipment: Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy (SR) with highly increased acquisition speeds compatible with current clinical practices, low-cycle lasers (7 fs) with broad spectrum and high peak power for real-time and multimarker fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy measurements

Contacts: João Pedro Araújo - [email protected] - (+351) 22 040 2362

Animal Unit

Description: With expertise in the area of animal models, oncology, infection and neurology, this unit is dedicated to the production and maintenance of laboratory animals. The facility provides veterinary care and advice on laboratory animals, mainly rats and rabbits, and holds approximately 2,500 cages of laboratory rodents under SPF conditions. The aim of the facility is to support scientific projects associated with animal experimentation and to ensure high animal welfare standards throughout the development of such projects, encouraging the application of the 3Rs and high-quality animal research.

Keywords: Oncological, neurological, immunological diseases, production of genetically modified mice and zebrafish, biosafety level 2 and 3 infectious models, bio-imaging

Equipment: MicroCT, MicroUltrasound, X-Ray, ColoView, Ivis Lumina, Inverted microscope and microinjection set-up, operative conditioning chamber

Contacts: Sofia Lamas - [email protected] - (+351) 22 607 4979

Advanced Light Microscopy

Description: With expertise in imaging and cell biology, oncology and infection, this unit has extensive experience in a wide range of techniques, including transmission microscopy, widefield and laser scanning fluorescence confocal microscopy, TIRFM and digital image analysis. The unit also offers scientific advice in experimental planning, training in the practical operation of the equipment and in image analysis, and scientific consultancy in the development of research projects.

Keywords: Advanced light microscopy, nanoscopy, cells, tissues, small model organisms

Equipment: Confocal laser scanning microscopes, TCS SP5 & TCS SP8, Leica Microsystems; Rotating disk microscope, Revolution XD, Andor Technologies; Light sheet microscope, DLSFM, own construction; TIRF microscope

Contacts: Paula Sampaio - [email protected] - (+351) 22 607 4985

Animal Resources Division

Description: With expertise in the area of biomedical research, namely animal models and preclinical evaluation.

Keywords: Biomedical research, laboratory animals, rodents, pigs, animal models

Equipment: Anaesthetic system, ATU IVC rack, ALLENTOWN, ATU-T2LM-12, Dump chamber, Biosafety exchange station, Decontaminator, Horizontal sterilizer

Contacts: Patrícia Ribeiro - [email protected] - (+351) 22 042 6860


Description: With specialization in the area of biomechanics and 3D printing, this unit aims to prevent and treat pathologies, customize diagnosis and therapy, and improve the performance of athletes through personalized and adapted solutions, offering various services such as the development of devices/solutions for technical aids in the musculoskeletal area, development of devices to assess the physical condition, optimization of sports equipment, among others.

Keywords: numerical simulation, biomechanics, occupational health and safety, medical image processing, 3D printing

Equipment: MVN-LINK, Xsens technologies B.V.; Quote No.ABT-01657-0-AnyBody Modeling System™, Abaqus, mimics, EEG and ECG systems, compression and uniaxial/ biaxial equipment, 3D printing; Equivital eq02+ LifeMonitor (Equivital EQ02, Hidalgo, UK); FARO laser scanner

Contacts: Nilza Ramião - [email protected] - (+351) 22 957 8710

Biomechanics Laboratory

Description: Specialization in the area of sports biomechanics, namely in human movement analysis, strength assessment, muscle activity and pain assessment and training evaluation.

Keywords: Gait analysis, running analysis, dual media, underwater motion capture, sports motion

Equipment: Land-based motion capture system (12 Oqus cameras, Qualisys, Sweden), water-based motion capture system (6 Oqus cameras, Qualisys, Sweden); 5 Bertec force platforms (Bertec Inc, USA); 1 Kistler force platform (Kistler, Switzerland); 1 instrumented treadmill with force platforms (AMTI, USA); Stabilometry system (Biodex Balance System, Biodex, USA); Delsys Trigno EMG (Delsys, USA); pressure insoles (Pedar-X, Novel, Germany); pressure pads (Tekscan, USA); pressure plate (emed, Novel, Germany)

Contacts: João Paulo Vilas-Boas - [email protected] - (+351) 96 902 1297

DXA Body Composition, Nutrition and Health

Description: BODYCOMPNUT has specialization in body composition, nutrition and health.

Keywords: Biomedical research, body composition research, nutritional status, DXA, segmental and regional DXA

Equipment: DXA, Bone Densitometer Hologic Horizon WI, Hologic

Contacts: Teresa Amaral - [email protected] - (+351) 91 901 5762


Description: With specialization in the area of cell culture and microscopy, the Bone Lab has its research activity focused mainly on bone metabolism and regeneration, covering in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo methodologies. The main goal is a deeper understanding of bone tissue functionality in physiological and pathological conditions. The Bone Lab also has an established activity in cytotoxicity and biocompatibility assessment of a diverse range of molecules, devices and materials.

Keywords: Biocompatibility, cytocompatibility, in vitro assays, ex vivo assays, cell culture

Equipment: Cell culture facilities, optical and fluorescent microscopy, live cell imaging, gene and protein expression assays; Bacterial culture facilities, fungal culture facilities, optical microscopy, fluorescent microscopy, gene and protein expression assays

Contacts: Maria Helena Fernandes - [email protected] - (+351) 22 090 1100

Cardiovascular Centre

Description: The UnIC has expertise in cardiovascular sciences, molecular biology and clinical evaluation, particularly in coronary or valvular surgery, heart failure, skeletal and cardiac muscle, muscle physiology and pathophysiology, protein quantification, among others.

Keywords: Clinical investigation, cardiovascular sciences, coronary surgery, valvular surgery, cohorts

Equipment: Isolated Muscle System, 1500A, Aurora Scientific Inc.; Vibratome, 7000smz-2, Campden Instruments Ltd.; Biomimetic myocardial culture system, MyoDish System, InVitroSys GmgH; Vibratome, 7000smz-2, Campden Instruments Ltd. ; CO2 Incubator, HERACELL 150i, ThermoScientific; Laminar airflow cabinet class II, MSC-Advantage 1.2, ThermoScientific; ChemiDoc Imaging System (Biorad); Thermal Cycler (Biorad); PikoReal 96 Real-Time PCR System (Thermo Scientific); Odissey Infrared Imaging System (LiCor)

Contacts: Adelino Leite-Moreira - [email protected] - (+351) 22 042 6820


Description: Focusing on biomedical research and epidemiology, ISPUP manages the organization of 10 research cohorts, including EPIteen, Generation XXI, Very Preterm babies and Men Who Have Sex With Men. These types of epidemiological studies are essential tools for public health research. The information obtained through cohort studies can answer numerous scientific questions and is useful for planning health promotion, health protection and disease prevention measures.

Keywords: Biomedical research, epidemiology, cohorts

Equipment: Databases

Contacts: Cátia Ferreira - [email protected] - (+351) 22 206 1820

Centre for Dental Clinical Research

Description: With specialization in the area of clinical evaluation in dentistry, namely clinical research, oral diagnosis and radiology and dental biomaterials.

Keywords: Clinical research, dental medicine, oral diagnosis, oral radiology, dental biomaterials

Equipment: Multiple dental care units, cone beam computed tomography, orthopantomography, dental CAD/CAM system

Contacts: Miguel Pinto - [email protected] - (+351) 22 090 1100

Fermented Food Laboratory

Description: FERMFOODS has specialization in biochemical and food sciences.

Key-words: Food science research, fermented foods, biochemical processes, high performance liquid chromatography, innovation

Equipment: Agilent Technologies 1260 Infinity II HPLC, Multiskan™ FC microplate reader with incubator, incubation orbital shaker (Professional 3500), top-loading VWR® VAPOUR-Line autoclaves

Contacts: Duarte Torres - [email protected] - (+351) 96 522 8602


Description: With expertise in genomics, oncology, infection and neurology, this unit is dedicated to providing researchers with state-of-the-art technological solutions in the field of genomics and high-throughput analysis, offering technical expertise and support with experimental design, protocol development and data analysis guidelines.

Keywords: Next generation sequencing, microarrays, Sanger sequencing, real-time and digital PCR

Equipment: Illumina NextSeq550, Affymetrix GeneTitan, S5XL Ion Torrent

Contacts: Ana Mafalda Rocha - [email protected] - (+351) 22 607 4983

Global Congestive Heart Failure Registry

Description: With expertise in cardiovascular sciences and clinical evaluation, namely heart failure, cardiovascular sciences in general, clinical research and epidemiology.

Keywords: Heart failure, cardiovascular sciences, clinical research, epidemiology

Equipment: Database

Contacts: José Silva-Cardoso - [email protected] - (+351) 22 551 3622

Telemedicine Technologies for Heart Failure

Description: With expertise in cardiovascular sciences and clinical evaluation, namely heart failure, cardiovascular sciences in general, clinical and multidisciplinary research and non-invasive telemonitoring.

Key-words: Heart failure, cardiovascular sciences, clinical research, multidisciplinary research, non-invasive telemonitoring

Equipment: scales, dynamometer, computers

Contacts: José Silva-Cardoso - [email protected] - (+351) 22 551 3622

Cardiac Intervention Technologies Database

Description: Expertise in the area of cardiovascular sciences, namely cardiovascular disease and health technologies.

Keywords: Coronary heart disease, health technologies

Equipment: Database

Contacts: Altamiro Costa Pereira - [email protected] - (+351) 22 551 3622

Registration and Software in Inflammatory Diseases

Description: Expertise in the area of clinical evaluation and inflammation, namely inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease, gastroenterology, inflammatory bowel diseases, among others.

Keywords: Azathioprine, Crohn's disease, clinical research, gastroenterology, inflammatory bowel disease

Equipment: Database

Contacts: Fernando Magro - [email protected] - (+351) 22 551 3622

Biochemistry Laboratory

Description: With specialization in oncology, the activities of this group include applied and fundamental research covering several areas, namely Clinical Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology and Molecular and Cellular Biology. The research team belongs to the Drugs, Targets and Biomarkers (DTB) research group of UCIBIO/REQUIMTE, a research unit evaluated with Excellent by FCT in 2019.

Keywords: biomarkers, hereditary anemia, inflammation, bioactive dialysis membrane, cannabinoids and endocannabinoid system

Equipment: UPLC/MS-MS, cell culture facilities, PCR

Contacts: Natércia Teixeira - [email protected] - (+351) 22 042 8560

Microbiology Laboratory

Description: With a specialization in the area of infection, the activities of this group include applied and basic research and cover the different areas of Microbiology, namely Bacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology and Virology. In addition, research is carried out in Applied Biotechnology and Cell Biology.

Key-words: Microbiology, antibiotics, biocides and metal resistance, molecular and serological diagnostics, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases

Equipment: PCR and real-time PCR, culture rooms, P1 and P2 culture rooms, flow cytometers, plate spectrophotometer, FTIR, PFGE

Contacts: Anabela Cordeiro - [email protected] - (+351) 22 042 8582

Laboratory of Neuropsychophysiology

Description: With expertise in the neurosciences, namely cognitive neuroscience, the Laboratory of Neuropsychophysiology conducts research in Cognitive, Affective and Social Neuroscience, with emphasis on EEG/ERP methods and meta-analytical approaches. Equipment for high-density EEG recordings in adults and children, portable EEG, psychophysiological recordings (polygraphs) and eye tracking are available in the laboratory.

Keywords: Neuropsychology, social neuroscience, cognitive and affective neuroscience, human physiology, human neurophysiology

Equipment: High density (128 channels) and high impedance EEG/ERP system from EGI - Electrical Geodesics, Inc.

Contacts: Fernando Barbosa - [email protected] - (+351) 22 040 0651

Pharmaceutical Technology Laboratory

Description: With expertise in the areas of chemistry, spectrometry, drug development and pharmacology, the Laboratory of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (LQOF) is composed of two classroom laboratories, three research laboratories and three equipment rooms (MW, IR, UV, HPLC, GC-MS).

Keywords: Nanomedicine, controlled drug release, 3D printing

Equipment: HPLC-DAD, dissolution apparatus

Contacts: Paulo Costa - [email protected] - (+351) 22 042 8620

Pharmacology Laboratory

Description: With expertise in the areas of pharmacology and drug development, this Laboratory integrates courses in histology, physiology, basic and clinical pharmacology, molecular neuroscience, therapeutics and pharmaceutical assistance to study the molecular mechanisms of disease and develop rational therapeutic approaches to human health.

Keywords: Pharmacology; new therapeutics

Equipment: HPLC-FL

Contacts: Jorge Gonçalves - [email protected] - (+351) 22 042 8626

Toxicology Laboratory

Description: Specialized in Toxicology, this Laboratory provides several services, such as toxicological analysis, drug serum level monitoring, determination of alcohol level in blood and drug abuse in biological material and other samples, quantification of copper and iron in liver biopsy fragments, quantification of toxic compounds in human blood and urine samples, quantification of several metals in samples, etc.

Keywords: Toxicology

Equipment: HPLC-EC; GC-MS/MS

Contacts: Félix Carvalho - [email protected] - (+351) 22 042 8600

Mutant and Transgenic Animals Unit

Description: UAMT provides services for the production of mutant mice using CRISPR/Cas technology (knock-out, knock-in, transgenic) as well as homologous (target gene) recombination by blastocyst injection of genetically manipulated ES cells, in the context of experimental projects approved by DGAV. Furthermore, UAMT offers a portfolio of services such as, for example, the re-derivation of mutant and transgenic mouse strains.

Keywords: Biomedical research; animal models; genetic engineering; CRISPR/Cas; embryo micromanipulation

Equipment: Automated micromanipulation system, AM6000, Leica.

Contacts: Miguel Soares - [email protected] - (+351) 22 042 6779

Obstetric Registration

Description: With specialization in the field of obstetrics, namely electronic health record.

Key-words: Obstetrics; electronic health record; pregnancy; data protection.

Equipment: Database

Contacts: Ricardo Cruz-Correia - [email protected] - (+351) 22 5513622

Peptide and PNA Synthesis Service (POP-UP)

Description: With expertise in the areas of spectrometry and proteomics, the POP-UP mission is to provide the scientific and technological community (academic, business and other organizations), especially in the northern region of Portugal, with a service of synthesis, purification and analysis of peptides and PNAs, taking advantage of both the cutting-edge equipment available in the service, and the experience and highly specialized knowledge of its working group.

Key-words: Peptides; synthesis of PNAs; HPLC; mass spectrometry

Equipment: 24-channel multiplex synthesizer "Symphony X"; Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis equipment "Liberty 1"; HPLC-DAD; HPLC; Finnigan Surveyor LC/MS system LCQ DECA XP MAXm; Amino acid analysis system by AccQ-Tag method; NanoDrop™ One

Contacts: Paula Gomes – [email protected] - (+351) 22 0402563


Description: The ISPUP Biobank stores hundreds of thousands of biological samples from participants in the Institute's population cohorts. These samples, which include urine, plasma, serum and whole blood, contain information about the life circumstances of participants in ISPUP longitudinal studies, allowing a comprehensive characterization of their health status and well-being. The Biobanco has enabled the sharing of data with international research groups, especially in the areas of nutrition, environmental and perinatal health.

Keywords: Biomedical research; epidemiology; cohorts

Equipment: Cooling cabinets

Contacts: Mariana Mendes – [email protected] - (+351) 22 2061820

Quality indicators in primary health care

Description: With specialization in the area of clinical evaluation, namely quality indicators and primary health care.

Key-words: Quality indicators; primary health care

Equipment: Database

Contacts: Alberto Freitas – [email protected] - (+351) 22 5513622


Description: With expertise in proteomics, oncology, infection and neurology, this unit provides access to mass spectrometry analysis of protein samples from extracts, solutions and gel bands.

Keywords: Proteomics; mass spectrometry; quantification; characterization of post-translational modifications

Equipment: NanoUHPLC; MS Q-Exactive

Contacts: Hugo Osório – [email protected] - (+351) 22 6074981

Severe Asthma Register Portugal

Description: With expertise in the area of clinical evaluation, particularly that related to asthma and the electronic health record.

Key-words: Asthma; electronic health record; respiratory function; medication adherence, COPD

Equipment: Database

Contacts: João Almeida Fonseca – [email protected] - (+351) 22 5513622

Screening para as ciências da vida

Descrição: Com especialização na área do screening, oncologia, infeção e neurologia, esta unidade fornece, à comunidade científica interna e externa e à indústria, instrumentos de última geração e competências para resolver questões desafiadoras (biológicas) com tecnologias de alto rendimento (HT) e alto conteúdo (HC). A plataforma facilita o acesso a bibliotecas de triagem genética e composta e tem estabelecido colaborações para receber e expandir as suas próprias bibliotecas. As informações geradas usando HT/HC são altamente valiosas para uma compreensão mais profunda de doenças complexas, incluindo cancro, neurologia, imunologia e doenças infeciosas.

Palavras-chave: Rastreio de alta produção, rastreio de alto conteúdo, rastreio de drogas, bibliotecas de rastreio, aquisição de imagem, análise de bioimagens

Equipamento: OperaPhenixPlus (Perkin-Elmer); INCELL Analyzer (GE Healthcare); JANUS Liquid Handler (Perkin-Elmer)

Contactos: André Maia – [email protected] - (+351) 22 6074981

Laboratório de Bromatologia e Hidrologia

Descrição: Com uma especialização em espectrometria, as principais atividades deste grupo – tecnologia, investigação e análises para a comunidade – estão relacionadas com a ciência dos alimentos. São abrangidas diferentes áreas, incluindo implementação, validação e aplicação de metodologias químicas, físicas e biológicas, de forma a avaliar a qualidade, autenticidade e segurança dos alimentos. A nossa investigação valoriza colaborações com a indústria, bem como com outras universidades e grupos de investigação.

Palavras-chave: Análises alimentares, lípidos, vitaminas

Equipamento: GC-MS/MS; UPLC-MS/MS

Contactos: José Fernandes – [email protected] - (+351) 22 0428639

Laboratório de Química Aplicada

Descrição: Com uma especialização em espectrometria, química e eletroquímica, a atividade de investigação do Laboratório de Química Aplicada é desenvolvida no Grupo de Análise Bioquímica, Ambiental e Industrial (GABAI), que integra a Rede Química e Tecnológica (REQUIMTE), um Laboratório Associado do Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior.

Palavras-chave: Química analítica, electroquímica, biofísica, nanopartículas

Equipamento: UPLC-MS/MS; leitor de microplacas, espectroscópio de impedância eletroquímica, impressora 3D, instalações para culturas celulares

Contactos: Alberto Araújo – [email protected] - (+351) 22 0428666

Laboratório de Química orgânica e farmacêutica

Descrição: Com especialização nas áreas da química, espectrometria, desenvolvimento de fármacos e farmacologia, o Laboratório de Química Orgânica e Farmacêutica (LQOF) é composto por dois laboratórios de sala de aula, três laboratórios de investigação e três salas de equipamentos (MW, IR, UV, HPLC, GC-MS).

Palavras-chave: química medicinal, síntese orgânica, análise farmacêutica, análise ambiental, descoberta e conceção de fármacos

Equipamento: HPLC-DAD; UPLC UV/VIS/FLD, FTIR; leitor de microplacas Biotek - Synergy HT; HPLC Column Packing System; Microwave Synthesis Lab station; UV/Vis Spectrophotometer with a dual cell Peltier Thermostat table

Contactos: Paulo Costa – [email protected] - (+351) 22 0428620

Laboratório de Farmacognosia

Descrição: Com especialização nas áreas dos produtos naturais, química, inflamação, desenvolvimento de fármacos, doenças neurodegenerativas e oncologia, o Laboratório de Farmacognosia da Faculdade de Farmácia desenvolve atividades de ensino e investigação na área de produtos naturais. Os principais interesses do grupo incluem a química de produtos naturais e o potencial biológico e farmacológico de matrizes e compostos de origem natural, com particular interesse em novas entidades químicas obtidas de plantas, organismos marinhos e insetos.

Palavras-chave: Produtos naturais, fitoquímica, compostos fenólicos, alcaloides, descoberta de fármacos

Equipamento: HPLC-DADHPLC-DAD-ESI-MSn; UHPLC-ESI-QTOF-MS; leitor de placas ELISA, fluorómetro, incubadoras CO2, microscópios confocais, câmaras de fluxo laminar, termocicladores

Contactos: Paula Andrade – [email protected] - (+351) 22 0428654

Departamento de Química e Bioquímica - Lab&Services

Descrição: Com especialização nas áreas de espectrometria e análises físico-químicas, o FCUP|DQB – Lab&Services tem como objetivos específicos dar apoio às Unidades Curriculares do 1º e 2º Ciclos da responsabilidade do DQB e às atividades de investigação de Docentes e Investigadores do DQB. Dá também apoio à investigação e prestação de serviços a outros Departamentos da FCUP, Unidades de Investigação parceiras da FCUP e a entidades externas à FCUP, como por exemplo outras Instituições Académicas, Institutos de Investigação, Institutos Politécnicos, Centros Tecnológicos, Laboratórios de Estado e Empresas, providenciando serviços como análise térmica, técnicas espectroscópicas moleculares e atómicas, técnicas cromatográficas, análise estrutural e morfológica ou análise de propriedades físicas.

Palavras-chave: Técnicas espectroscópicas, propriedades físicas e estruturais, técnicas cromatográficas, análise térmica

Equipamento: AAS, ET AAS; FTIR, NIR; NMR, fluorómetro, DLS, refratómetro; HPLC, UHPLC; DSC; STA.

Contactos: Nuno Mateus– [email protected] - (+351) 22 0402434

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