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Learning Support - e-Learning Cafés

At the forefront of non-conventional study spaces, U.Porto's e-Learning Cafés are a reference point for working and socialising with students from all over the University.

U.Porto students have two preferred spaces to study/work, either individually or in groups: the e-Learning Café of Asprela and the e-Learning Café Botânico, in the Botanical Garden of Porto.

Designed to bring together academic communities from different areas of knowledge, these unique spaces in the country are more than just a place to socialise. Here you will find the ideal space to foster innovation and interdisciplinarity, as well as to establish new dynamics between students and projects.

In the e-Learning Cafés at U.Porto, information and communication technologies are part of the organisation of the space itself. There is a wireless network, high-speed Internet connection, laptop computers - available on request and equipped with specific software for disabled people - and also projection equipment.

With extended opening hours and available from Monday to Sunday, the e-Learning Café da Asprela and the e-Learning Café Botânico are open to all current and former members of the academic community.