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Student Life - International Students Associations

In addition to the vast support network existing within the University, the international students at the U.Porto mobilise themselves to support those who, every year, arrive from all over the world to join the most cosmopolitan academic community in Portugal.

If you are or intend to attend a full course at U.Porto, you can count on the help of InterUp, a student association born in 2019, by the hands of a group of international students of the University.

Focused on the integration of that community, InterUp provides support to students before and after their arrival at the University, in issues ranging from applying for accommodation or obtaining a residence visa, to getting closer to local students or looking for opportunities in the labour market.

Open to students of all nationalities - including Portuguese - and of all teaching degrees at the U.Porto, InterUp is also a bridge between international students and the University's services.

In the case of mobility students, this support is provided by ESN-Porto (Erasmus Student Network – Porto), a group of volunteers supported by the International Relations Service of the U.Porto, whose objective is to collaborate in the integration and support of mobility students.

Among the activities organised by ESN-Porto are city tours, visits to museums and monuments, excursions, sports tournaments, parties, among others. There you can also find answers to questions regarding accommodation, transport and the functioning of the University, among others.