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Organisation - Ethics Committee

Ethics is a fundamental value to academic and scientific life at U.Porto. The Ethics Committee promotes compliance with the highest ethical standards in all of the institution’s activities.

Established in 2008, the Ethics Committee of the University of Porto consists of four multidisciplinary subcommittees:

  1. Life Sciences
  2. Social Sciences and Humanities
  3. Technology
  4. The Arts

The Committee is an independent collegiate body that meets in plenary every month. It is responsible for the promotion and observance of standards of ethics in all academic activities (lecturing, research and outreach activities, including service provision to the community and scientific dissemination). U.Porto’s units and the conduct of the members of its academic community fall under the Committee’s scope.

CEUP assists the Ethics Committees of the University’s Organisational Units, when requested, and may take up general matters on its own initiative or as a result of requests made by U.Porto’s governing bodies.

The University of Porto also has a Code of Ethics in Academic Conduct, a key instrument in developing best educational, scientific and civic practices.