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Faculties - School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS)

More than three decades after its foundation, ICBAS continues to do justice to the motto that inspired the creation of the school: "A doctor who only knows Medicine doesn't even know Medicine".

Created in 1976 on the initiative of a group of personalities inspired by the thought of Abel Salazar, ICBAS assumed itself, from the beginning, as a multidisciplinary and multiprofessional school in the area of Life Sciences.

By focusing on comprehensive training in areas such as Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or Aquatic Sciences, but also on cooperation with different institutions in the city - namely the Santo António General Hospital - and on promoting specialised services to the community, the institute introduced a series of innovative principles that accompany the life of the institution until today, doing justice to the school's motto: "A doctor who only knows Medicine doesn't even know Medicine".

ICBAS is installed, since 2011, in the modern complex linked to Life and Health Sciences, located in Polo I (Centre) of the U.Porto, which it shares with the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The Institute also has facilities in the Agricultural Campus of Vairão (Vila do Conde), dedicated to teaching and scientific research in the field of veterinary sciences.

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