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What We Research - R&D Projects

U.Porto is at the forefront of Portuguese higher education institutions with the most success in fostering national and international projects.

Over the years, the U.Porto ecosystem has participated and raised, increasing external funding through R&D+i projects in various scientific areas and typologies, which translates into a diversified portfolio of projects.

At this level, between 2018 and 2021, the U.Porto research ecosystem has contracted a total of 1483 new R&D+i projects (350 of which are in partnership with companies), with funding raised of over 285 million euros.

The strong cooperation of R&D at the U.Porto with other regional, national and international entities is reflected in various projects, with participation or coordination by the U.Porto, in essential sectors of the Portuguese economy, often integrated into clusters and sectoral associations, and in various collaborations and partnerships with external entities in the business sector, in regular support at the level of city infrastructure management (transport, urban planning policies, etc.), and participation in training and research programmes of international excellence in emerging areas (e.g. UT Austin Portugal, MIT Portugal, among others).

The significant cooperation and internationalisation of research "made in U.Porto" promotes, besides scientific quality, a growing capacity to attract funding for new R&D+i projects.