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International Students - Learning Portuguese

Are you interested in a course at U.Porto, or already attend a course, but don’t speak Portuguese? No problem. The University offers introductory, improvement and conversation courses in Portuguese especially tailored for international students, which you can attend before or during your stay in Portugal.

Even though more and more courses are being taught in English, most classes at the University of Porto are still taught in Portuguese. However, that should not be a cause for concern for students coming from other countries. At U.Porto, there are plenty of opportunities to learn the third most spoken European language in the world!

All you have to do is choose one of the Portuguese as a Foreign Language Courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FLUP). These courses are dedicated to those whose first language is not Portuguese and who wish to learn the language, as well as learn about Portugal and its culture.

After taking an online placement test, we assign you to a level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), which will serve as the basis for your learning process. 

Note that, even though there is no mandatory language requirement for international students, some of U.Porto’s courses or Faculties may have specific criteria for attending certain classes.

U.Porto provides tutorials in English to anyone who requests them and wherever possible.

Find the teaching language for each course on U.Porto's List of Courses or by contacting the Faculty you would like to enter.

For more information about Portuguese as a Foreign Language Courses, contact the Portuguese for Foreigners Office at U.Porto's Faculty of Arts and Humanities.


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