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Mobility - Study Abroad

Student mobility not only provides you with a unique opportunity to add to your academic experience, but also – and even more importantly – to broaden your horizons. What are you waiting for? U.Porto is here to support you every step of the way as you embark on your mobility adventure!

All students of the University of Porto are encouraged to take the opportunity to participate in academic / scientific mobility programmes during their studies, an experience which is increasingly recognised as advantageous in the job market.

As a U.Porto student, you can spend part of your course at a partner university, or do a traineeship virtually anywhere in the world, thanks to the hundreds of programmes and cooperation agreements to which the University belongs.

Examples of Programmes and Cooperation Agreements in which U.Porto participates

Under the Almeida Garrett Programme, students can spend a semester at another Portuguese university, with full academic recognition. This programme also offers opportunities for internships, final course work or projects, as long as they form part of the study plan of the university of origin.

This programme is one of the most recognised international mobility programmes for higher education – and for good reason. Providing opportunities for studying and traineeships, the Erasmus+ programme offers you the chance to have a one-of-a-kind experience living anywhere in the world.

U.Porto invests in the diversification of academic mobility opportunities available to students by participating in programmes such as Ciência sem Fronteiras [Science Without Borders], the Programa de Licenciaturas Internacionais [International Bachelor's Degree Programme], the Programa Mobilidade AULP [AULP Mobility Programme] or the Programa de Bolsas Santander Mobilidade Global [Global Mobility Santander Scholarship Programme]. Apart from these programmes, we also have partnerships with the Fulbright Regional Centre  and with the  Summer Sessions at the University of California, Berkeley.

Discover all mobility opportunities available to U.Porto students.

How can I participate?

If you are interested in a mobility period, please contact the person in charge of mobility at your faculty in order to know the application procedures and eligibility criteria.

You will be given access to the application form and support to fill it in, depending on your evaluation.

For additional information about the mobility opportunities promoted by the University, you can always contact U.Porto's International Relations Office, which is in charge of providing support and guidance before (application support) and during the mobility period.

This work is complemented by other structures which have similar duties in each of our faculties.


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