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Schools and Juniors - School Visits

U.Porto goes to school - to your school! We say “hello” to the future academic community in the country.

In addition to opening its doors to students in basic and secondary education during the year, the University of Porto regularly travels to schools, mainly in the North and Centre-North, to participate in information sessions and school events that promote Higher Education courses.

The University is available to visit schools (subject to prior logistic assessment for institutions located outside the Greater Porto area), in an effort to promote its courses and to provide answers to questions from future students.

Simultaneously, several faculties and other U.Porto entities carry out their own promotion initiatives in schools. For example, The Museum Visits Schools, a programme created by the Natural History and Science Museum (MHNC-UP) which involves lecturers and students in a wide selection of practical activities – laboratory, experimental and/or field activities – aligned with Learning Essentials.

The University’s connection with schools is also reflected in the thousands of students of basic and secondary education who visit the University’s facilities every year to learn about it and try out educational and research activities at U.Porto. Events like the Junior University, U.Porto’s Expo or the Open Days of our faculties are an important first presentation for those who wish to attend out courses.

To schedule a U.Porto school visit, please use the following contact details:


Serviço de Comunicação e Imagem da Reitoria da Universidade do Porto

Praça Gomes Teixeira,
4099-002 Porto, Portugal

Tel.: (+351) 220 408 275
E-mail: [email protected]