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What We Research - Research Networks

To enhance internationalisation and research "made in U.Porto", the University participates in several research networks.

This component of U.Porto's internationalisation strategy leverages the development of the researchers' scientific knowledge and promotes the integration and participation of U.Porto's scientific community with other internationally acknowledged communities.

U.Porto participated in more than 250 COST Actions, which mobilised hundreds of the University's researchers in fields such as the Arts and Humanities, Engineering Sciences and Technology, Exact Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Sciences.

To strengthen Europe's ability to innovate, U.Porto's R&D ecosystem also participates in EIT's 7 Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) in the field of Information and communication technologies of the Future (EIT Digital); Innovation for a healthy life and active ageing (EIT Health); Sustainable energy (InnoEnergy); Reduction of added value (EIT Manufacturing); Raw materials (EIT Raw Materials), Urban mobility (EIT Urban Mobility), and Cultural and creative industries (EIT Culture and Creativity).

U.Porto participates in European public-private partnerships, such as the European Innovation Partnerships or the Joint Technology Initiatives.

These partnerships aim to increase research investment by promoting synergies between the public and private sectors and enabling the participation of U.Porto researchers in large collaborative projects with the most advanced and acknowledged international laboratories and companies.

U.Porto's integration into these international networks enhances the internationalisation of research "made in U.Porto" and optimises scientific quality and funding for various U.Porto R&D activities.