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U.Porto Student Card - A world of benefits

The U.Porto Card is the "identity card" of all members of the academic community, guaranteeing them privileged access to a wide range of services and advantages.

It looks like a simple card, but it is much more than that... Result of a pioneer partnership with Santander Totta Bank, the U.Porto Card is a "smart card" that integrates different technologies, contact and contactless, which allow access to a wide range of features and services and services within the university campus (loans in libraries, access control, etc.).

The U.Porto Card is used for:

  • Identification as a member of the U.Porto academic community;
  • Access to loans in the University libraries;
  • Authentication in printing equipment (when available);
  • Identification in car parks and buildings (when available);
  • Identification in SASUP services (food and self-service launderettes).

The U.Porto Card also grants the bearer access to exclusive advantages in services/initiatives promoted by the University and partner institutions.