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Initiatives - Three Minute Thesis - U.Porto 3MT® Competition

The U.Porto 3MT® competition offers doctoral students at the University the opportunity to test their communication skills.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic competition for PhD students, developed and patented by the University of Queensland (Australia).

In 2021, and for the first time, the University of Porto promoted this competition, where PhD students are challenged to explain, to a non-specialist audience, the importance and significance of their research. All this in just 3 minutes, and using no more than a single PowerPoint slide as an aid.

The U.Porto 3MT® competition offers our PhD students the opportunity to develop important skills needed in and outside academia, such as speaking to an audience, communicating complex ideas in a clear and accessible way and managing the time and content of the communication.

By participating in this event students also have the opportunity to think creatively about how to communicate their research findings.