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The quality of U.Porto's ecosystem has been recognised by the European Research Council (ERC), which awards grants to fund researchers with innovative ideas in different academic fields.

The European Research Council (ERC) was created in 2007 to stimulate high-quality research. It supports innovative researchers when making their teams with attractive funding opportunities.

ERC grants are awarded as a result of a competition among projects led by researchers who work or wish to work in Europe, at the beginning of their career or by those who are already established. The only selection criterion is scientific excellence.

The quality of U.Porto's Research ecosystem is visible through the increasing amount of grants awarded. The University's researchers have obtained 18 ERC grants of different types – 10 Starting Grants, 5 Consolidator Grants, 2 Advanced Grants and 1 Synergy Grant.

About ERC Grants

Types of ERC Grants

Types of ERC Grants
ERC Starting Grant

€1,5 million awarded in a five-year period to promising researchers who establish their own independent team or research programme.

ERC Consolidator Grant

€2 million awarded in a five-year period to researchers in the team consolidation phase.

ERC Advanced Grant

€2,5 million awarded in a five-year period to experienced main researchers whose innovative work is pioneering in their respective fields.

ERC Synergy Grant

€10 million awarded in a six-year period aimed at excellent scientific projects submitted by a group of 2 to 4 Main Researchers, focused on the resolution of ambitious research problems, which require all researchers and teams to work together.

ERC Proof of Concept

Support for researchers who already have an ERC grant in order to establish a proof of concept of an idea generated during their ERC projects.

ERC applicant support

The Research and Projects Service (SIP) supports researchers working in U.Porto's ecosystem who wish to apply for ERC grants.

It provides mock interviews, promotes information sessions dedicated to the topic, offers workshops on proposal assessment and writing, and provides information and support to individual applicants.


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