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Organisation - Administration and operations

The Rectory is the heart of U.Porto’s organisational structure, ensuring the operations of the University’s Organisational Units, Autonomous Services, Operational Centres and Competence Centres.


The Rectory is the central hub of U.Porto’s organisation. All of the University’s central governing bodies form part of the Rectory.

Organisational Units

U.Porto comprises 14 Teaching and Research Organisational Units (faculties) and 11 Research Organisational Units (associated research institutes), all of which have scientific, educational, administrative and financial autonomy.

Autonomous Services

The Autonomous Services are entities that operate centrally. While the University’s central governing bodies are all autonomous, they all form part of the Rectory. U.Porto has three Autonomous Services:

Operational Centres

While the Operational Centres provide specialised services to U.Porto entities, they are also geared to serve external entities:

Competence Centres