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Innovate With Us - Become a part of U.Porto’s innovation

Looking to innovate? With its finger on the pulse of society and the market, the University of Porto supports and promotes diverse initiatives with a view to innovation.

At U.Porto, businesses and organisations have access to a wide variety of R&D and innovation skills and resources. We support all kinds of mutually beneficial partnerships.

U.Porto Innovation acts as a mediator between academia and the market, offering support in:

  • The design thinking process of businesses in search of new solutions and markets.
  • The organisation of A2B sessions (Academia to Business).
  • The relationship between the needs of market projects and the resources and skills at U.Porto.
  • Identifying R&D and innovation funding opportunities.
  • Carrying out R&D and innovation projects.

We simultaneously serve the University community by:

  • Organising A2B sessions in partnership with researchers.
  • Disseminating U.Porto’s work in the industry.
  • Evaluating the commercial applicability of the University’s R&D results.
  • Seeking out business partnerships for projects.
  • Negotiating R&D and innovation contracts with businesses.