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Faculties - Faculty of Dental Medicine

Internationally recognised for the quality of teaching and research in oral health, the FMDUP has in its connection to the community one of its main differentiating factors.

Inaugurated in 1989, the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the University of Porto is a prestigious institution at a national and international level in the fields of teaching and research in oral health.

The quality of training in dentistry, stimulated by a strong commitment to scientific production in the field of Forensic Sciences, contributes to the success of the FMDUP. In addition to these vectors, there is a strong connection to the community, which is reflected in the availability of a large space/clinic for the provision of oral health care to the population by the institution's students and teaching staff.

The current FMDUP building opened in October 1997 and is located in Polo II (Asprela) at the University of Porto. Among the "neighbouring" buildings are the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences and the e-Learning Café (Asprela).

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