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International Students - Study in Porto

A country and a city with a unique history and unmatched beauty, an affordable cost of living, hospitable people and, of course, the quality of education and international reputation of one of Portugal’s best universities. These are just some of the ingredients that make up the "be U.Porto" experience. Come and experience it for yourself!

While the "be U.Porto" experience begins with your acceptance into the University, you will only start to fully experience it once you have arrived in Porto. Here you will have constant support, guaranteed by a structure equipped to meet all the needs of someone who wants to settle in a new country/city, in a new culture and in a new way of being.

Read on for information that will help you have the best possible student experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Know More

From the moment they set foot on the University’s campus, U.Porto’s international students are given special attention thanks to a welcoming policy which involves various University bodies.

Welcoming sessions for international students (mobility and degree), which take place at the start of each academic year, form part of the U.Porto integration process. You can also find specialised support services at your faculty.

In addition, U.Porto works with other entities that are in charge of assisting students during their University experience. For example, InterUp – U.Porto's Association of International Students, or ESN-Porto (Erasmus Student Network – Porto), which is involved in the integration process of mobility students.

Our international students also benefit from the welcoming and integration initiatives that the University provides to the entire academic community.

The cost of living in Portugal, and particularly in Porto, continues to be among the lowest in the European Union.

In Porto, you will find several low-cost solutions for housing, food, public transport and cultural events, which will help you stay within your budget without missing out on what the city has to offer. The University also offers several options regarding housing, food services and medical support at affordable prices.

To give you an idea, here are the average monthly expenses of a student in Porto:

Illustrative image of the cost of living in Port

Your U.Porto Card also offers you exclusive student discounts with partner entities as well as for a variety of different services. All you have to do to take advantage of these special conditions is to show your U.Porto Card when you want to access the city's cultural spaces, for example.

International students at U.Porto benefit from all the study and research support infrastructure of the University’s campuses. This includes libraries, study spaces, and technological resources, among other facilities available to the academic community.

Porto is a city that warmly welcomes you at any time of the year, with many green spaces and a renovated public transport network to enjoy, as well as a cultural scene and nightlife that over 70 thousand higher education students from the region take part in.

Don't miss out on the cultural events and activities which take place at the University throughout the year, as well as the many events organised by student associations or entities like ESN-Porto or InterUP. How about a climb up the Clérigos Church tower to experience the best view of the city's historical centre, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO? Take a look at our suggestions to Enjoy Porto to the fullest!

You can also take advantage of U.Porto’s excellent sport facilities, or even join one of the university's student musical groups (tuna), participate in volunteering activities or in initiatives organised by our student associations, among many other activities that regularly take place at the University.

After U.Porto

Once U.Porto, always U.Porto! 

There are many ways to keep in touch with the University. The first is...not to leave! If you have completed a Bachelor's Degree or Integrated Master's Degree, we encourage you to further your studies by pursuing one of our master's degree or doctorate courses.

If you would like to enter the labour market after obtaining your U.Porto diploma, you can also get help from the University’s employability services.

If you choose to return to your home country, you can support us in other ways as a U.Porto alumnus: share your story with friends and family, and show the world what it is like to "Be U.Porto".

You already know that you are always welcome home!