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About U.Porto - Equality, Inclusion and Diversity

U.Porto's commitment to equality, inclusion and recognition of diversity is ongoing. We work closely with the community to promote these essential human values.

Anchored to the University's commitment to research and education of excellence comes the commitment of the U.Porto to equality, inclusion and recognition of diversity in all its fields of action. It is in this context that the University has been taking an active role in the effective promotion and implementation of initiatives in favour of gender equality in the academic and scientific environment.

There are several structures, initiatives and programmes of the University that aim at the promotion of equality, inclusion and diversity rights:

The NAI is an essential instrument of the U.Porto in its work of recognising and valuing difference, as well as in promoting justice and equity in access for persons with special educational needs.

The specificities of the academic environment persist in some gender inequalities that need to be overcome. The first step in this direction is to recognise the existence and the dimension of gender inequalities so that, from then on, we can identify areas of action and define goals for achievement. The GIA.UP project, launched in 2020, embodied the first exercise that the U.Porto developed to recognise itself, as an organisation, in terms of gender inequality, having, therefore, a very important instrumental value and symbolically signalling the recognition of the importance of the theme for the strategic development of the University. The main results and conclusions are derived from the GIA.UP project can be consulted in its Final Report and Infographics.

RESET project aims to put gender equality and diversity at the centre of policymaking at academic and scientific levels. U.Porto is one of the partner entities of this project funded by Horizon 2020 (ref. 101006560) and promoted by 7 European universities. Through RESET vision, U.Porto sees gender equality as a person-centred perspective of equality and diversity, respecting an intersectional approach. From 2021 and during the following four years, U.Porto, together with its partner universities, has been developing and implementing a set of actions involving all institutional ecosystems (students, faculties, administration, and management).

U.Porto Gender Equality Plan

As part of its commitment to gender equality, the U.Porto has elaborated and approved the first Plan for Gender Equality - UP Equality. This plan is a strategic instrument that establishes the priorities and objectives of the University to integrate the gender perspective in the institution's structure, as well as in its spheres of action, i.e. in the production (research contents) and in the transfer (teaching) of knowledge.

The Council for Gender Equality at U.Porto is the main transversal structure that monitors and offers support in matters related to the commitment and action of the University toward the implementation of the Plan for Gender Equality.