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Faculties - Faculty of Medicine

One of the "founding" faculties of U.Porto, the Faculty of Medicine is a leading institution among Portuguese students who pursue a career in medicine.

A successor of the Royal School of Surgery of Porto (1825) and the Medical-Surgical School of Porto (1883), the Faculty of Medicine opened its doors in 1911, and is, along with the Faculty of Sciences, one of the "founding" schools of the University of Porto.

Located since 1959 in the complex shared with the São João Hospital, FMUP collaborates closely with the hospital in the teaching and research of medicine, in addition to providing healthcare to the population.

In 2012, the FMUP a modern building specially designed for teaching and research activities was added to the faculty.

Currently attended by more than three thousand students, distributed over several study cycles, FMUP is a leading institution for Portuguese students wishing to pursue studies in Medicine. In addition to excellent teaching, the Faculty’s intense scientific activity and its services to the community in a variety of fields in medical science and practice serve as its calling card.

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Alameda Prof. Hernâni Monteiro
4200-319 Porto, Portugal

Tel.: (+351) 225 513 600 (+ Contactos / + Contacts)
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