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The Campus - Virtual tours

Would you like to get to know the faculties and other emblematic spaces of the University of Porto, which you would usually not have access to, all without having to leave your home? Why not explore U.Porto through our 3D virtual tours? You won't want to leave!

What are the virtual tours about? On the one hand, to open doors that are usually closed to a large part of the community. On the other, to make sure that the community continues to have access to very special places and environments, even when it is not possible to visit them in person. It’s like using Google Street View, except you can peek inside some of the University's most emblematic spaces...

One of the spaces that you can visit from the comfort of your couch is the unmissable Historical Building of the University of Porto. Along the way, you can explore Porto's Botanical Garden, navigate rooms and laboratories of different faculties, or even travel in time starting with the Ferreira da Silva Laboratory or discovering the Abel Salazar House-Museum.

To begin, simply choose one of these "virtual destinations":

But beware! A trip through this "virtual U.Porto" is no substitute for a visit in person and in colour! That is why the University's doors are still open to all those who wish to visit us.