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Open Science - Open Access

The U.Porto promotes the sharing of knowledge between its scientific community and society, supporting free access to scientific production.

Promoting the visibility and impact of the intellectual production of the academic and scientific community is a strategic objective that U.Porto has been promoting for several years. In addition to making its scientific production open access, the University supports opening up the scientific process as a whole as well as reinforcing the concept of scientific social responsibility.

The Regulation of the Open Access Policy of the U.Porto is the main document that frames the vision of the U.Porto as a promoter of free and open access to the scientific production of the University, with a view to a better and more efficient science and innovation.

The Internet and technological developments have democratised access to the intellectual production of university communities. The significant increase in institutional repositories has allowed free and free access to scientific production, both in terms of the conventional publication of journal articles, minutes and other publications, and of master's and doctoral dissertations, technical reports, among others.

In this context, there are already several entities that increasingly support and determine open access policies, which should be taken into account by the scientific community, such as the Open Science Policy of the European Union or the FCT Norms for Open Access.

Still within the scope of promoting and opening science to society, U.Porto makes available to the scientific community of the University an updated compilation of external resources that allow Open Access to the latest scientific research, besides ensuring support in the publication of scientific articles in Open Access.