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Initiatives - Science Communication Hackathon

EMERGENCE@UPorto – Digital Media Science Communication Hackathon is an initiative designed to hone skills in science communication.

Description of the Science Communication Hackathon

Communication, dissemination and interdisciplinary work are fundamental in contemporary science. In the various R&D structures that make up the research ecosystem at U.Porto, researchers and science communicators work hard to make research reach a wider audience.

Organised by the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation since 2019, EMERGENCE@UPorto - Digital Media Science Communication Hackathon brings together scientists, programmers, artists and other professionals in multidisciplinary teams to explore complex concepts in the domain of scientific research, while drawing on digital media technology.

The initiative is an intensive programme lasting several days, where participants from different fields work in multidisciplinary teams, immersed in a totally collaborative and educational environment, to explore interactive technologies aiming to develop their skills in science communication.