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UP.PT - Faculty of Medicine

Healthcare Policies, Management and Evaluation

In industrialized countries, the management of health units is currently considered a key area in the implementation of health policies. This activity encompasses multiple interdependent layers, involving the management of hospitals, primary care units, and health services or integrated systems that comprise various levels of healthcare. The introduction of new management models in the healthcare system has rendered essential the technical training within the domain of application (healthcare) of highly specialised professionals (in line with the most modern scientific theories of health management and in the framework of current public policies in the sector). Key to this process is the evaluation of policies, systems and organisational models, as well as the assessment of health technologies – in fact, such evaluation promotes the achievement of better levels of organisational performance.

Job Opportunities

Therefore, the Postgraduate Programme in Health Policies, Management and Evaluation meets the first mission of FMUP(Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto) - to train professionals for the healthcare sector who are qualified at the scientific, technical and human levels, enabling them to exercise their activities in healthcare, research, teaching or business institutions. Such programme responds not only to an important gap in the educational offer of this institution but also to pressing needs of healthcare service professionals.

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Faculty of Medicine
Type of Course
1620 Hours / 60.0 ECTS

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024