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The concept of Chronobiology, the science of biological rhythms, reaches the various dimensions of the individual: social, mental, physiological and molecular. Understanding this concept is currently a requirement for understanding the overall health status of the individual and therefore for the practice of medicine, from diagnosis to personalized therapeutic interventions and for the research of disease and therapeutic mechanisms.
So, the general objective of the Chronobiology curricular unit is to bring this issue to physicians and scientists in training so that they can integrate this dimension of health in their work practice.
The syllabus of this course enable to clarify the main issues related to Chronobiology, from its definition and ecological importance, to the main molecular mechanisms and to the impact of chronodisruption on health. This will additionally arouse interest among physicians and researchers in this area of knowledge.

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Faculty of Medicine
Type of Course
Continuing Training Unit
40.5 Hours / 1.5 ECTS

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024