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Difficult Airway MAnagement Esta formação não está ativa.

Experience and competence in airway management is essential in the clinical practice of a physician working in Anaesthesiology, Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine. This training should be extended to other health professionals working in the operating room, emergency room, recovery and intensive care units. Morbidity and mortality associated to the airway approach are most of the times avoidable situations. The main factors identified that contribute to an unfavourable outcome are the lack of material, lack of knowledge of the most appropriate attitude and lack of competence in advanced techniques for the airway approach. The purpose of this training is to meet this need, allowing, within the scope of postgraduate training and on an ongoing basis, to contribute to an improvement in the care provided.

Job Opportunities

Recognition of a difficult airway situation and the development of a plan of action with the involvement of the whole team.
Use of ultrasound evaluation of the airway.
Demonstrate knowledge of the different devices, recognising the different advantages and disadvantages as well as their role in the difficult airway algorithm.
Demonstrate competence in the use of the fibre scope for intubation and other advanced techniques of the airway approach.
Demonstrate competence in establishing an airway management plan with an awake patient.
Demonstrate competence in performing invasive airway techniques.
Demonstrate competence in advanced extubation techniques.

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Faculty of Medicine
Type of Course
Continuing Training Unit
40.5 Hours / 1.5 ECTS

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024