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Blended Learning Introduction to Clinical Studies

The Blended Learning Introduction to Clinical Studies (BLICS) was created with the aim of transmitting basic knowledge in the area of Research Methodology and Biostatistics to Health Professionals and Students in a b-learning environment. In fact, despite the growing interest in clinical research, there is a frequent need for methodological and statistical skills. In this sense, BLICS is not only a tool to fill these gaps, but also to motivate students to publish more and to pay more attention to research issues.

Job Opportunities

Search and manage bibliographic references;
Design clinical research studies
Identify biases of clinical research studies;
Create and manage electronic records of data
Understand and apply basic concepts of biostatistics - descriptive statistics, confidence intervals, parametric and non parametric tests, and linear correlation;
Apply complementary biostatistical concepts - linear regression, multivariate analysis, and survival analysis;
Analyse data using frequency, association and impact measures, and interpret their results
Evaluate screening and diagnostic tests, based on the concepts of sensitivity, specificity, predictive values and likelihood ratios
Structure scientific articles;
Know the principles of critical appraisal of scientific articles;
Explain the main rules for writing scientific articles;
Discuss the adequacy, feasibility, and methods of a scientific project.

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Faculty of Medicine
Type of Course
Continuing Training Course
162 Hours / 6.0 ECTS

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024