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UP.PT - Faculty of Medicine

Theoretical and Practical Course of Complementary Laboratory Techniques for Research and Diagnosis

It is in the interest of all researchers and/or health professionals to know laboratory techniques of optical and electronic microscopy, for better performance of their functions, as well as for the interpretation, reproducibility and reliability of the results obtained.

The training unit consists of a theoretical-practical approach to histological processing from tissue collection and sampling to visualization of slides, using different equipment for different purposes, thus allowing diversified learning in complementary techniques used in many research/diagnostic laboratories.

Job Opportunities

They acquire the ability to perform good experimental work practices in the laboratory.
They learn different types of collection, sampling and processing of samples for optical and electronic microscopy.
They master complementary histological techniques of investigation and diagnosis.
They acquire knowledge of some techniques of stereological analysis.
They apply the knowledge acquired in research and/or diagnosis work.

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Faculty of Medicine
Type of Course
Continuing Training Unit
121.5 Hours / 4.5 ECTS

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024