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Anaesthesia Obstetric and neonatal resuscitation

One of the areas of knowledge for training in Anaesthesiology is Obstetrics and neonatal resuscitation. The use of medical simulation as an auxiliary tool in the acquisition of the necessary skills in these areas is fundamental for improving the safety and quality of care provided by anaesthesiologists to parturients.

Job Opportunities

. Recognize and handle the following situations:
. failed intubation in the pregnant woman;
. high spinal block
. amniotic fluid embolism;
. pre-eclampsia
. obstetric haemorrhage

. Performing rapid sequence induction
. Preparation of anaesthetic plans for obstetrics taking into account the patient and situational context in conjunction with the obstetric team
. Approach to cardiorespiratory arrest in pregnant women.
. Assessing the newborn's "Apgar" score.
. Performing neonatal resuscitation.
. Empathic communication with the parturient woman.
. Effective communication/interaction with the team: obstetrician, neonatalogist and maternal obstetric health nurse.

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Faculty of Medicine
Type of Course
Continuing Training Unit
40.5 Hours / 1.5 ECTS

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024