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Lifelong Learning - List of Courses

Food and nutrition training for older people: training for caregivers Esta formação não está ativa.

The objectives of this course are:
- To optimize the quality of life of the senior population through the practice of healthy eating;
- Recognize the importance of healthy eating practices for active aging and in the control of various pathologies;
- Know the main food and nutritional recommendations applied to the population over 65 years old;
- Train on healthy cooking techniques and prepare healthy meals: complete, varied and balanced, quick and easy to execute.

This course will consist of 20 contact hours, which corresponds to 10 theoretical hours and 10 practical hours, divided into 4 modules of 5 hours (2 synchronous distance modules and 2 classroom modules) and 2 hours for face-to-face assessment, corresponding to 81 hours total (3 ECTS credits), b-learning.

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Lifelong Learning

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Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences
Type of Course
Continuing Training Unit
81 Hours / 3.0 ECTS

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024