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Specialization Course in Clinical Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Esta formação não está ativa.

This post-graduate course, a Clinical Specialization in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, will provide Mental Health professionals (Doctors and Psychologists) with a much needed theoretical and clinical tool, making their practice more complete and competent and granting them the ability to promote true Mental Health, as an alternative to the mere treatment of symptoms. The course encompasses theory and theoretical/practical training, with three major goals: (1) to illustrate the importance of psychotherapeutic work, (2) to provide basic and clinical knowledge on psychodynamic theory and (3) to develop abilities on psychodynamic clinical case formulation and on psychodynamic psychotherapy intervention.

Job Opportunities

To deepen and update the training of therapists in the area of Mental Health, providing them with a theoretical and clinical tool that makes them more attentive professionals to intra and intersubjective experiences and more complete and capable, not only of symptomatic treatment, but also to promote, in patients and in themselves, a more structured and harmonious psychological functioning. To this end, this Clinical Specialisation in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy encompasses theoretical and theoretical-practical training with three main purposes: (1) to raise awareness of the importance of the psychotherapeutic function and relationship and of the indication of psychotherapeutic work; (2) to provide theoretical and clinical knowledge of psychodynamic theory; (3) to develop psychodynamic psychotherapeutic formulation skills for clinical cases.

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Faculty of Medicine
Type of Course
2 Semesters / 30.0 ECTS

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024