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European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese: variation and linguistic adaptation between these varieties

Observing and discussing the differences between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese has become more and more important. Some of the reasons are: -the mediatic content produced in both varieties that easily crosses geographical borders, thanks to the Internet. Recognizing the linguistic aspects of each of these varieties may reduce linguistic confusion and conflicts; -the increasing number of Brazilian immigrants in Portugal and of Brazilian-Portuguese-speaker students at U.Porto. There having a course that aims to facilitate their linguistic insertion may contribute to the promotion of U.Porto at an international level; -the need to highlight Brazilian Portuguese aspects that, in spite of not being accepted by normative grammars, are today well established in its informal language and in descriptive grammars. It is thus necessary to differ its application to different contexts, to identify possible misuses in formal written contexts; -the increasing discussion on the acceptance of Brazilian Portuguese aspects in students¿ answers on Secondary and Higher education exams. Making students able to adapt their writing skills to European Portuguese may be a strategy to reduce the likelihood of linguistic conflicts.

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Faculty of Arts
Type of Course
Open Training Course
20 Hours

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024