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Sustainability of Food Production and Consumption

Sustainability is a cross-cutting theme of knowledge that so far is only taught in some U. Porto organic units in a vertical way. Despite the potential within the UP for teaching in this area, the motto for teaching with a strong multidisciplinary base and extended to the whole community is given by the emergence of the InovPed program. This innovation program emerges as a motor, triggering the will and gathering common interests of some of the professors of this University. On the basis of the proposal to create this course is the union of multidisciplinary areas of knowledge of teachers from three organic units of U. Porto (FEUP, FCUP and FCNAUP). The meeting of specialties, united under the pillar of sustainability, is based on knowledge about one of the most relevant value chains in terms of magnitude of environmental impact: food production and consumption. The creation of this scientific-pedagogical partnership in the areas of sustainability, agri-food production and food consumption aims to meet the needs of updating knowledge and developing new skills required by multiple social and economic agents. The aim is to provide students with skills for environmental sustainability assessment throughout a supply chain associated with food production and consumption. This new competence aims to be a potential differentiator enabling students to assume a fundamental role in the permanent updating of knowledge required by the continuous scientific and technological progress and its consequences in the world of work. Agri-food production and food consumption / waste patterns are identified in the various bibliographic studies as the major contributors to the environmental impacts associated with the entire food supply chain. Focusing on agricultural production and food consumption / waste patterns is therefore essential at a first stage in promoting knowledge of the most critical environmental aspects associated with the food supply chain. For in themselves they constitute the basis for the identification and design of sustainability solutions.

Job Opportunities

Primary, secondary or tertiary sector professionals associated with the food production chain.

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Faculty of Engineering
Taught in collaboration with
Faculty of Sciences (UP)
Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences (UP)
Type of Course
Continuing Training Unit
46 Hours / 6.0 ECTS

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024