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Talent and Careers - Finding jobs

A rapid and successful entry into the labour market depends on the quality of training and support services for professional insertion. U.Porto stands by its students and graduates at every step.

Preparation for the labour market

Since the beginning of their academic career, students at the University of Porto have several initiatives and activities available to prepare for their professional future.

From training with experts, conferences, workshops on soft and hard skills, conversations with recruiters, advice in the preparation of the curriculum, to the definition of a career plan, the monitoring is constant.

Especially thinking of doctoral students, the University of Porto has a platform - UP Doctoral Careers - where young researchers can access a wide range of initiatives and resources to support the construction and design of their lifelong career paths.

Stay tuned to all the activities through the University's communication channels.

Job Search

The University of Porto is endowed with several structures and tools whose mission is to support the whole process of insertion of our students and graduates in the labour market.

One of these tools is the Talent and Career platform, where our current and former students can place their CV and have access to job and internship opportunities - some exclusively for the University of Porto - shared by more than 1,500 companies/organisations that are part of the Job Teaser network. Here it is also possible to access networking events and bring together the academic community and the business and organisational world.

The different faculties of the U.Porto also provide job opportunities, in which they directly advertise the opportunities open to their students and graduates.

Professional mentoring

There are also professional mentoring programmes, which stimulate relationships between current students and the labour market. The mentors may be U.Porto alumni, who return to share experiences and help develop current talents and their skills, but also U.Porto faculty, technicians and researchers, as well as representatives from companies and organisations.

By participating in these programmes, the mentorees are able to draw their "personal map of experiences and competences", learning to compose their life experiences in an added recognition to their professional experiences. On the other hand, they have privileged contact with the work realities, their demands and challenges, enabling a more conscious, adapted and functional integration in the labour market.

Recruitment at the U.Porto

Always attentive to the talent of our students, we also launch regular competitions for grants and recruitment offers for teaching staff, researchers and other professionals. These offers are available on the pages of Faculties, Research Centres and also on the U.Porto news portal.

The U.Porto Science and Technology Park (UPTEC) also provides an online platform with job opportunities and research grants offered by its companies.


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